Thursday, April 9, 2015

Artists Found in the Oak Room!

Today was filled with painting the backdrop for the stage area on the Oak Room! The children were very excited and helpful during this painting process. During this whole week the children were asked to help finish this project for the performance area! They finished it in 4 days! Next week it will be hung up behind the stage! Make sure to check it out! Here are some snapshots from the day! (: 

Olivia K is painting an aspect of the roof! She said, "This should be green." 

Sarah helped us during the sketching process, and this is her drawing. She chose orange for the house color.

 This was a community effort from the children! We appreciated all their help and hard work this week helping finish this back drop! 
Mackenzie M was very focused painting the window.

Have A Great Weekend! 

Ms. Wilkie 

TS. Gold Physical: Fine Motor, Social- Emotional: Participates Cooperatively and Constructively in Group Situations

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