Monday, April 27, 2015

Have you tried Chinese Almond Cookies?

Today, the Health Group had a special guest come in and help make Chinese Almond Cookies with us. The children not only got to see each ingredient that went into the cookies but was also able to put each ingredient in to make the dough for the cookies. The children enjoyed making the cookies and everyone stepped up to help in various ways. This was our conclusion to learning about China and the people who live there. 

"Can we eat them?"

"My grandma has one of these" (Talking about the mixer)

"Is the a real egg?'

"It smells good!"

"Looks like playdough!"

TSGold- Shows basic understanding of people and how they live
I enjoyed my last day with the children. This will be an experience to remember. Have a relaxing break before the summer semester. Thank You! 
~Ms. Bradshaw

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