Monday, April 6, 2015

Today, in the Oak Room, we started to paint the backdrop for the stage.  The children had taken a lot of time in previous weeks sketching what they thought should be on the backdrop.  Some of the sketches we got consisted of paths, trees, houses, squirrels, flowers, clouds, and flowers.  Out of all of the sketches the teachers projected parts from each one on the backdrop in black marker.  The children helped today by adding color to it.  Hopefully next week it will be finished and hung on the stage for children to encourage different types of acts.

Olivia K. concentrated really hard on filling in
the tree trunk with brown paint.

Makayla worked with Mrs. Bristley on using
slow and steady strokes with her paint brush.

Gabrielle spent a lot of time coloring in the tree
with green paint.

Teaching strategies 7: Demonstrates fine-motor strength and coordination 
Miss Hoisington

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