Thursday, April 27, 2017

Fun with Bugs on Thursday

While the children were outside today they noticed that there were a lot of bugs out on the pavement and in the dirt. The children were asked if they knew of a place where they could place the bugs to look at them. They then talked about the bug habitat (pictured below). After the children placed some bugs in there they went on the hunt for more. They checked in the dirt, in the grass, on the pavement, and the most fruitful, found by Andre, Under some wet leave on the side of the building. After Andre found this area that had a lot of bugs the other children started to collect them. Overall the children collected over twenty bugs, mostly roly-polys and ants.

Tegan is looking at the bugs in the bug habitat.
She stated "I found a roly-poly!" 

Andre and Tavion are looking at the bugs, Andre stated to Tavion,
"I can help you grab one if you want to look at it."
Tavion replied "I can grab it."
Teaching Strategies Objective 25.  Demonstrates knowledge of the characteristics  of living things.
Objective 27. Demonstrates knowledge of Earth’s environment. 
April 27th 2017 William Sheahan-Stahl HDF 409

Special Thursday in the CDLL

Today was a special day in the CDLL. It was the last day of our school spirit week - with today being CMU/CDLL School Spirit Day, everyone was excited to participate! Many children chanting "Fire Up Chips!" throughout the day, showing their spirit. Not only was today part of spirit week, but the children also had a candle-lit lunch. LED-lit "candles" were placed in the center of each table, and candles were also placed around the room.  All of the lights in the room were shut off, so the children were able to experience a new setting for their usual lunch. To top it off, the children were able to enjoy the spring weather by going outside twice today, at their normal outside time and for pickup time at the end of the day.  Though it was a windy, windy day, that didn't stop the children's fun and games!

One of the tables during the candle-lit lunch.

Climbing the rock wall after lunch, still by candle-light (with the kitchen lights on also) - the children loved it!

Playing outside on this windy, spring day!

A train going down the slide!


- Kayla Welker, 409

TS: 10.a. - Engages in conversations; 4: Demonstrates traveling skills

Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Wacky Wednesday

Today is Wacky Wednesday This is where the children had the opportunity to wear an outfit that consisted of clothing that they would not wear on a regular basis. The staff and students enjoyed participating in the themed day. There were a lot of children that were excited to show off their wacky outfits. The children were eager to talk about how they chose their clothes for the day and why they chose that specific outfit. From mix-matched shoes to backwards shirts, the children had fun expressing their "wacky-ness"!
"I have shorts over my pants today!" - Zane

"I chose to wear my wacky shoes today." - Avryl

"My mommy bought me this dress and these pants for today." - Lila Beau

"I chose my outfit all by myself." - Aubree
"I picked out my tights." - Katherine

"This vest is quite old." - Gavin

"I put my shirt on inside out today, it's wacky." - Graham
"Look at my t-shirt I made." - Ramona

Zoey and Leanes pose for a picture together.

"We have to cover our eyes so they see our shoes." - Divine

"Take a picture of me!" - Lilly C.

By: Ashley Millmine
Teaching Strategy: 11. Demonstrates Positive Approaches to Learning: A. Attends and Engages

It was a busy Wednesday at the CDLL!

Today was Wacky Wednesday and the children were dressed to impress! But today's theme was not the only fun thing going on at school today. The camping in the Pine Room was still very popular, The children used it to "sleep", tell stories, and protect themselves from bears.

"It's time for bed now." -Sage  
The children enjoyed using the boat as a boat and a space shuttle. While in the boat many children enjoyed finishing. After fishing Coen, Zane, and Sage brought their fish over to the grill to cook so they could eat the fish they caught. Zoey H. then brought her fish over and said "I'm going to make a tuna fish sandwich."

 The children were able to enjoy the beautiful weather in various ways with their play. The sandbox was a hot spot for children. Many children were in the sandbox making structures and food or digging holes to then fill the holes in.

"I'm digging a hole for this bottle." -Victoria
While playing in the sandbox Katherine said "doggy it's your birthday go and play" to Lila Beau. 
The children brought their interest in books and songs outside. Asher was acting out the song Five Little Monkeys while Spencer sang the song.

Spencer singing Five Little Monkeys while Asher swung like the monkey

Outside is the perfect time for children to explore not only the environment but how they see the environment. A simple way to do this is to look at things in different ways. Aliana and Bella did this while on the swings on the playground.

"Miss Rennie why are you upside down. You look funny." - Aliana

 The children were able to see and enjoy spring and the changes in nature when the seasons change. 

"Look there's a butterfly!" - Sarah A.

"We are taking a break and relaxing, it's hot out." - Carter
In the afternoon in the Pine Room, Mr. Jonaitis and many children were putting on a show. Mr. Jonaitis would stand on the stage and call up different students who wanted to participate to sing or tell jokes. Other students who did not want to go on the stage sat and watched the show.

The children waiting to hear who was going next

Teaching Strategies Gold:
Objective 3: Participates cooperatively and constructively in group situations

Lindsey Rennie, HDF 409

Tuesday, April 25, 2017

What happened in the CDLL today?

Today was Pajama Day, for Spirit Week at the CDLL! The children wore their favorite pajamas to school.  In the morning the Walnut Room was full of children connecting. They used magnet sticks and other magnets to invent new things. Some of the children worked together and others worked alone. In the afternoon, Ms. Kauppi, Mrs. Nims along with Ms. VanDerStuyf helped the children prepare fruit ice for their family celebration coming up. The children cut strawberries, blueberries and raspberries. They filled the ice cube trays with the berries, and then each took a turn pouring the water in the trays to make the ice.

"Look teacher, i'm wearing footballs!," said Coen
"I'm making this super long"
"SSSSSS Snake coming to get you," said Lexie
"My Pajama slippers are pink!"

"Cut, Cut, Cut," said Daley
"Strawberries are slippery," said Sovie

"Look Ms. VanDerStuyf, I'm cutting the strawberries," said Mathias
"I doin it," said Michael
"Pour, pour, pouring," said Daley

Teaching Strategies Gold: Objective # 7 Demonstrates fine – motor strength and coordination
Teaching Strategies Gold: Objective #3: Participates Cooperatively and constructively in group situations

Abby VanDerStuyf 

HDF 409

Spring Arrival

Spring Arrival 

As the weather begins warming up the children are noticing the growth of flowers and trees blooming around the CDLL. Earlier this month during large group lead teachers discussed the importance of not stepping on the planted flowers. Pictures were shown to the children about what could potentially begin growing around the playground. Today we were blessed with beautiful weather allowing the  children to notice and take pride in the flowers appearing outside.

"They have grown" - Hunter
"They are starting to open" - Rohan
"Will more grow" -Ella  

Michigan State Standards: Early Learning Expectation: Initiative- Engagement- Persistence- Attentiveness. Children demonstrate the quality of showing interest in learning, pursue learning independently. 
Courtney Clark

Color Day!

Today was Color Day at the CDLL because it's Spirit Week! The children wore their favorite colors to school. Some of them wore only a little bit while others wore a whole outfit based on their favorite color. The children showed each other and the teachers what they wore. What they were really excited for was Pajama Day that is tomorrow!

"My favorite colors are black and white." - Stephen

"Guess what my favorite color is!" - Evie

"My favorite color is green!"- Jonathan

"I really like Orange!" -Ryan

Teaching Strategy: Social Studies- 29. Demonstrates knowledge of Self

Mr. Young 409

Monday, April 24, 2017

Let's Go Camping!

"I can see you." Sarah P

"Your hair is sticking up." Teacher 

Over the weekend, the teacher put out the camping equipment in the Pine Room. In this area there was a tent with sleeping bags, a barque with food, some camping chairs, some maps, and other things they would use when camping. The children would take the maps and pretend as thought they were going on a hike around the room. Another child would make food on the barque grill for the hikers.                         

"Listen up! I'm going to tell you a ghost story." Audrey

Objective 14 b. Engages in sociodramatic play 4/24/2017

Thursday, April 20, 2017

Music Fun with Mr. Dan!

Today during afternoon large group, we had a special guest. During pick up time at the end of the day, Mr. Dan came and played music for all of the children. Some children engaged in conversations focused around music during morning large group and were told that Mr. Dan would be coming later in the day. The children seemed excited about this visit throughout the day, asking teachers questions about when he would be coming and what songs he may play. When the time finally came, the children gathered around Mr. Dan as he sang songs and played his guitar. They were able to dance, sing along, and even shake some egg shakers to the beat of the music.

One of the first songs allowed the children to pretend to be sleeping fish,
they would wake up and do the actions that the song told them, and then go back to sleep.

Children dancing around to a song.

Another one of the songs had the children shaking shakers,
they shook them down low and up high.

For the last song of the day, Mr. Dan played a cool down song.

Teaching Strategies: Objective 34: Explores musical concepts and expression
Darden HDF 409

Oak Room Fun!

In the Oak Room during morning center time the kids worked hard to build with blocks and make mazes for the hex bugs. Husain built a road for cars to go down and made a bus stop for the bus to stop at. Thomas, Muadh, and Lily K built a structure for the hex bugs to go across and watched how fast they went.

"Bus Stop!"-Husain

"Its going so fast" -Lily K

Teaching Strategy: Cognitive- Children demonstrate positive approaches to learning through problem solving

Turner 409

Engagement during Parent Pick-up

Family Engagement during Pick-up

Parental involvement at the preschool level has a number of lifelong benefits. When parents pick-up and drop-off their children, taking that time to interact with their child is a very special moment and the children really enjoy the time they have with their families at school.   I enjoy seeing the children face light up when their parents come to pick them up. The below pictures show parent and child interaction outside during pick-up time. 

(Asher and Dad)

(Sarah, Rayyan, and Mom)

(Annika and Mom)

Teaching Strategy: Social-Emotional #2. Establishes and sustains positive relationships
Shatarea Simms