Friday, April 7, 2017

The Day And The Life In The Pine Room


Today, many activities occurred in the Pine Room. The children were busy engaging in sociodramatic play. Some were performing on the sage, playing school, while others were playing house or their own made up game. Children on the stage sang a song they remembered from a video, some played a game about being bugs, and not getting stuck in the sticky stuff and their powers would help them get to the cave, while the rest were playing house, or school based on their own experiences.  

"Oranges and Pairs, Oranges and Pairs, They are best friends for ever," sang James & Graham. 

"This blanket is dirty, so i need to wash it," said Harper
"Baby, it's time to eat because mommy says so," said Lily C.
Coen said, "I'm the teacher"

"I'm driving the school bus, voom voom," said Logan.

"i'm playing the drums, i like drums," Andre said.

Teaching Strategies Gold: Objective 14b Engages In Sociodramatic Play

HDF 409 

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