Monday, April 3, 2017

Fun Filled Monday In The CDLL 

It was a busy, fun filled Monday in the CDLL. Children came back from the long weekend to find a variety of hands on activities that kept the children engaged and active through out the day. 
During morning centers, the children welcomed a few local goats to the CDLL. The children were able to pet, feed, and play with the goats outside on the CDLL playground. 

"This one is big, he is almost as tall as I am." -Evie
During morning centers, the children had the opportunity to learn Tia Chi while the goats wondered around the grass. 

In the Indoor Movement Room, the children constructed a "laser" obstacle course, with red paper streamers. They taped paper streamers to different object in the indoor movement room creating different levels that they could jump or crawl under. The children worked together to create a CDLL original obstacle course game, discussing the rules of the game. 

" I am going to crawl under, because that's to high to jump." -Pemisire

" I am going to roll under the lasers." -Harper

The playground is starting to show it's colors, Averyl found flowers starting to grow in the garden. While looking at the flowers, she talked about how flowers grow. 

"These are blue flowers, they need dirt, water, and sun light to grow." -Averyl

At the end of this active Monday, a group of children played with the parachute in the Walnut Room. 
The children worked together to move the ball on the top of the parachute without dropping the ball on to the floor. 

"We all have a handle!" -Annika 

Teaching Strategies: Physical #6: Demonstrates gross- motor manipulative skills.
Science and Technology # 25: Demonstrates knowledge of the characteristics of living things. 
Emily Ezinga, HDF 409


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