Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Wacky Wednesday

Today is Wacky Wednesday This is where the children had the opportunity to wear an outfit that consisted of clothing that they would not wear on a regular basis. The staff and students enjoyed participating in the themed day. There were a lot of children that were excited to show off their wacky outfits. The children were eager to talk about how they chose their clothes for the day and why they chose that specific outfit. From mix-matched shoes to backwards shirts, the children had fun expressing their "wacky-ness"!
"I have shorts over my pants today!" - Zane

"I chose to wear my wacky shoes today." - Avryl

"My mommy bought me this dress and these pants for today." - Lila Beau

"I chose my outfit all by myself." - Aubree
"I picked out my tights." - Katherine

"This vest is quite old." - Gavin

"I put my shirt on inside out today, it's wacky." - Graham
"Look at my t-shirt I made." - Ramona

Zoey and Leanes pose for a picture together.

"We have to cover our eyes so they see our shoes." - Divine

"Take a picture of me!" - Lilly C.

By: Ashley Millmine
Teaching Strategy: 11. Demonstrates Positive Approaches to Learning: A. Attends and Engages

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