Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Busy Day in the Hallway

Today the children enjoyed making things for each other and creating things for themselves as well. The children would make something for another child and put it in their mail box. Using papers, stickers, scissors, staples, pencils, and markers to create different things. At one end of the hallway Ella and Ariona were pretending to pack a suitcase for a day at the waterpark. At the other end of the hallway the children enjoyed time using the musical instruments like the drums and xylophone. 

Above, Sovie cuts strips of paper to get ready to put stickers on.

Evie uses staples to put together a sign she made. It says stop and go. - Evie

I'm making a green thing for James because he likes green. - Graham
James will really like this pink triangle. - John

I'm making something for my mom. - Hunter

We're packing our van to go to the waterpark! - Ariona
I'm gonna drive the van! - Ella

Teaching Strategy #7 - Demonstrates fine-motor strength and coordination.
Bergeron 409

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