Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Pretend Play Fun!

Today, in the Pine Room the children practiced pretend play in different ways. Michael, Coen, and Zane were wearing the different animal masks and later pretended to be ghosts. Tegan and Andre played in the pretend school and took turns being the teacher. Carter and Braeden were pretending to talk on the phone to each other and were traveling as well. Ella was pretending to be a police officer. 

I'm a bunny! - Michael 
I'm a chicken! - Coen

Pick one! - Andre

Braeden: I'm going to California. Where are you going? 
Carter: New York.
Braeden: Okay. I'll meet you there when I'm done.
Carter: Okay, bye.

I'm calling the cops because someone is speeding! - Ella

Teaching Strategy #36 - Explores drama through actions and language
Bergeron 409

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