Thursday, April 13, 2017

Let's Work Together!

There were many different games and activities being played in the hallway today! While some children worked on starting a band, others had a picnic, some made pools with the wooden blocks and others worked on arts and crafts. However, one thing was the same in all of these areas, the children were working together. Many times the children playing could be heard asking their peers to join in their play. The children were able to initiate the sharing of their materials, sustain play, all while balancing the needs and rights of themselves and others.

"Do you want to come to our picnic?"- Mathias 

"We are right here, we'll keep you company." - Braeden

"Let's sing the song Lamby lamb go go go." -Andre
"Don't start yet, you have to count down."- Tegan

"I'll clap." - Livy

"Will you save my building while I go get snack."- Harper

"Do you want to play with us Spencer." - Carter

Objective: (2c) Interacts with peers

MacKenzie Gentner 409

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