Monday, April 3, 2017

Goats Joined The Children at School!!

This morning the children were welcomed back from the long weekend with goats that were outside during centers! The baby goats chased the children around, and the children got to pet the goats and hold a bunny that also was outside. The rain held off for today, so it was great weather for running around and playing with goats!
 Lily P.J gently petted the baby goat as Muadh and Sage gathered around to get a close look at the goat. Andre said, "I want him to chase me!"
Victoria said, "awww!" 
Ariona said, "This is a big one!" 
Harper got a turn to hold the bunny that was outside. Tegan said, "I want a turn!" The children took turns holding the bunny in their arms, while sitting on the bench outside.

Teaching Strategies: Science: The children demonstrate knowledge of the characteristics of living things. 

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