Tuesday, March 28, 2017

The Hex Bugs are Back!!!

The Hex bugs are back and it really is a favorite! The children were enjoying playing with the Hex bugs all morning and afternoon in the Oak room. The Hex bugs truly are a hit and the children seem to really enjoy playing with them. In the morning, most of the children were using their Hex bugs to make them go up and down the ramp they created. They would place the Hex bug at the top or bottom of the ramp and watch it travel all the way to the other side in amazement. In the afternoon, the children made homes and communities out of the building blocks for their Hex bugs

Community building with the Hex bugs

Sarah made a home for her Hex bug and she said it likes to hide in the dark spots.

"I made my Hex bug a home" -Leanes 

"My Hex buggy a'int going no where"  -Lexi

Zoey is placing the Hex bug on this ramp that she and the children made, and watching it move upward. 

Teaching Strategy #28: Uses tools and other technology to perform tasks.
HDF 409: Shatarea Simms

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