Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Outdoor Fun at the CDLL

Some spring weather visited everyone at the CDLL today. The children were able to choose to go outside for a second time because of it. The sun shined bright in the afternoon as the children engaged in outdoor play. The bikes seemed to grab the interest of many children, as almost each one was occupied. A large sized game of connect four was placed on the side walk, and seemed to always have a group crowded around waiting to play. Other children created their own games to play while enjoying the weather and interacting with eachother.

Thomas riding past on a bike.

A group of children pulling each other in wagons and engaging in play together.

A few children enjoyed jumping from one rock to another near the sandbox.

Ella wearing sunglasses on this sunny day.

Teaching Strategies: Objective 4: Demonstrates traveling skills & Objective 2: Establishes and sustains positive relationships
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