Wednesday, March 15, 2017

A Variety of Materials Keeps the Children Busy at Play!

Today in the Walnut room, the children played with lots of different materials in the classroom.  Using wooden ramps to roll balls, playing with technology and the magnetic tiles, it surely was a busy filled day of play!

Hunter moves the wood ramp higher, because the ball would not go through the opening, Hunter said, "I am going to use a smaller ball too!"
Once Hunter sets up his ramp, he rolls the ball to see if the ball will stay on course. Hunter rolled the ball and said, "It worked!"

Technology has been a big hit and is a fairly new material in the classrooms. Macrae played a drawing game, where he was asked to draw a berry bush on the white board. As you can see in the picture, Macrae's drawing was displayed on the iPad screen and was used in the game. 

Together, Graeme, Hunter and Divine work together to build a castle with the magnetic tiles. Graeme said, "I am putting the lion in this spot!"

Teaching Strategies: Science and Technology. The children demonstrate knowledge of science and technology using tools and other technology to perform tasks.

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