Thursday, January 28, 2016

Trains in the CDLL

Trains, Trains and More Trains!

Throughout the CDLL classrooms the children have access to playing with trains in many different ways. They have the opportunity to connect wooden train tracks together and drive trains along the tracks in the Maple room. Or, they have the option to simulate driving a train in the Walnut room. 

"All trains need a caboose" -Asa
"I want to drive!"
"Oh no! We're going into the tunnel" -Sumaya
"Me having a train race" -Alijah

Teaching Strategy #11: Demonstrates positive approaches to learning.
Ms. Faught

Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Balloon Volleyball!

In the large movement room today the children played a game of balloon volleyball. The balloons were blew up to use as balls and a ribbon was tied across the room to serve as the "volleyball net". The children took turns hitting the balloons across the ribbon to the children on the other side and catching the balloon that was hit to their side. They worked really hard to catch the balloons and to hit them across the ribbon without popping the balloons. 

                               "You have to pass it to me". -Charlie
   "The boy team is getting wild because we all want to catch the ball". -Daniel
"Hold on, I need some water". -Asa

Teaching Strategies Gold: Physical #6 Demonstrates gross-motor manipulative skills
Miss Malloy

Exploring Outer Space

Today, the children in the Pine Room explored outer space in the astronaut area. They put on the astronaut suits, complete with helmets and gloves. The children got into the space ships and flew out into the galaxy. The images of outer space posted in this area prompted discussion about their travel.

"3-2-1, BLASTOFF!" -Ethan

"Let's go to the moon!" -David

Teaching Strategies Gold:
Objective 14b- Engages in Sociodramatic Play

Ms. Stuart

Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Exploring with Shapes.

Today in the hallway, children were exploring with shapes. There were example designs made out of shapes for the children to use. The children were able to explore with shapes to discover which ones they needed to make the design. The children could design their own picture to explore with shapes.

"What shape is this, will it fit?" - Ayrez

"This is my pineapple." - Brody

"Will it fit here?" - Alijah

Teaching Strategies Gold:
Objective #21 Explores and describes spatial relationships and shapes 

Mrs. Schrank