Thursday, December 1, 2011

Pod B: Last Day of the Semester!

Today was our last day of the semester and we went out with a bang!  It was beautiful sunny day, which made it fun to run and play outside.  A few students had fun decorating the cake for our Family Night Celebration this morning and got to do some potting of morning glories, pumpkins, and hubbard's squash this afternoon.  Hopefully, those freshly planted seeds will see some growth by the time the children come back in January!

As usual, construction was busy today.  There imaginative play with the animals as well as the creative construction of train tracks.

It's been great getting to know your children during the semester.  This has been a great experience for us to grow and learn along with the children.  We will miss seeing them every week and we are sad we won't be here next semester to see them grow.  We wish you all the best and hope that the rest of their year here brings new and fruitful experiences.

Thanks for giving us the opportunity to grow with your children these past few months.
Have a wonderful break!

Alexandra Betker
Emily Fischer
Tiffany Roemer
Nicole Schipper