Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Vet's in the Pine Room

Today, in the Pine room the vet area was a very active spot in the morning.  Luke, Aidan and Brennen were there with a teacher. The boys were not sure at first what to do.  A teacher asked them questions about going to the doctors, if they thought animals got sick, and where would they go if they were sick.  

Luke, Aidan and Brennen used
stethoscopes to listen to their hearts.  

Luke and Aidan went and found some animals to take care of.

 "I need this to carry sick animals."
 "It's sick! It needs medicine."
Luke used the stethoscope to listen to the dog.
"I hear a cough!"

Teaching Strategies:
Cognitive #11: Demonstrates Positive approaches to learning 

Mrs. Wheelock 

Exploring Floam

Today in the Walnut room, there was Floam at one of the tables. There were several children investigating and creating with the material. Sophia, Katherine, and Harper all sat together and began working.

"I'm rolling it into flat."- Sophia

Katherine was using the handle of the rolling pin to make a design in her Floam. 
"It's a flower!"- Katherine

"Hey, look! I'm painting." -Harper 

TS Gold #7: Demonstrates fine-motor strength and coordination                                      9-30-15

Ms. Zylka 

Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Building with Blocks

Today in the Maple room Grant used wooden blocks to build.
At first he started to build towers, tall buildings, and ramps. 
Then he decided to use the blocks to build stairs to get on the platform.
Many of the other children used the stairs to explore the platform! 

"This is how everyone with use the stairs."

"I think the bottom needs more."

Teaching Strategy: Cognitive #11 Demonstrates Positive Approaches to Learning.

Balancing on Boards

Today in the Large Motor Room, the children practiced balancing on the Spooner Boards (bowed boards that simulate balance for snowboarding, surfing, and skateboarding). Micah ans Asa tried different ways to balance on the Spooner Boards, by positioning their bodies in different ways.

"I can stay up!" -Micah

"I'm going to bend down!"- Asa

"I can spin!" -Asa

Teaching Strategy:
Physical: #5 Demonstrates balancing skills

-Ms. Vincent

Monday, September 28, 2015

Jumping Around!

On Friday a few things were added to our outdoor area. The children now have access to their very own bug habitat, branches for building, and cool colorful rubber circles. A few teachers noticed how much the children enjoyed jumping around especially from one object to another so they had a great idea to provide the children with movable rubber circles. 

I'm going to pick them up and move them over here. -Lila Beau

Once the children moved them around however they pleased they could jump, walk, run, or do whatever they wanted on them. 

I can run around this really fast. -Andre 

The children really seemed to like the new addition and were more than pleased once they realized they could move them and create their own pathways of fun! 

I can hop like this in a line. -Carter J. 

Teaching Strategies:
Objective #4 Demonstrates traveling skills 
Objective #5 Demonstrates balancing skills
Objective #11 (e) Shows flexibility and inventiveness in thinking  

Tashona Fair

Mrs. Weller's Small Group

Mrs. Weller's small group went outside to an open grassy area to play with the parachute today. The children had the opportunity last week to play with the parachute, so today involved incorporating new games. Mrs. Weller led the children through the new games. After introducing each of them the children each chose their favorite one for the group to do again. Ayrez sang along to the songs after hearing them one time. The children seemed to enjoy the new games and the parachute continues to be a popular activity among the children.

The children enjoyed running in a circle with the parachute.

Carter B. and Grant running with Ms. Ball.

Ayrez and Rohan chose to make the parachute go up and down as fast as they could.

-Bridget Smith

Teaching Strategies:
Objective 2c: Interacts with peers. 

Thursday, September 24, 2015

Library Field Trip

In partnership with the Bridge's intergenerational program, several of the children went on a fieldtrip to CMU's Park Library. Once at the library, the volunteers read them a book called "A Chair for My Mother" by Vera B. Williams. The book was about the importance of saving money and how you can work hard to save your money for something really special. The children were then asked what they would save their money for. After reading the book, the children drew what they wanted to save up for.

 "A bank!"-Anaya
"A car!" -Carter B.
"Two puppies!" -Charlie

Michigan State Standard: Language and Early Literacy Development 4. Early Learning Expectation: Positive Attitudes about Literacy. Children develop positive attitudes about themselves as literate beings — as readers, writers, speakers, viewers, and listeners.

Jenna Brackett

Music with Mr. Dan!

Today there was a special visitor in the CDLL! Mr. Dan (Asher's dad) came to the Walnut room and shared some music with two small groups. He sang a lot of songs that involved movement and dancing around. It was a treat to see all of the children's smiling faces. 
Mr. Dan singing with the children

 This activity provided the children with time to move around and dance as well as learn new songs they may not have known. 

Teaching Strategies 
The Arts # 34: Explores Musical Concepts and Expression

Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Making new friends on the swings

Today the children had an opportunity to go outside for AM centers.  David and Carter P. happened to go the swings at the same time and started talking to each other.  They chatted for a little bit and then began playing together on the swings pretending to be on rocket ships.  Then Alana joined in on playing rocket ships with them.  Later Ela and Zoey P. sat down on the same swing together because the other two were taken so they decided to share it.

"What's your name?" - David
"I'm Carter P." - Carter P.
"I'm David." - David

"Can you swing like this?" - Carter P. to Alana

"We're best friends" - Ela

Teaching Strategies Social-Emotional. 2. Establishes and sustains positive relationships. 

Stephanie Polsgrove

                                   Sandbox Adventures

        Today the children spent some time exploring all of the toys in the sandbox. They had a conversation about birthdays and what kind of cakes they like to eat when it is their birthday. They used the sand toys to make cakes for one another and sang "Happy Birthday" to each other. 

   "I'm making a pink muffin cake" - Makayla
 "It's a strawberry one for you" - Evie
"I'm making you a chocolate cake, it is my favorite" - Ana

Teaching Strategies Gold - 
Uses symbols and images to represent something not present
Katherine Leen
September 23, 2015

Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Exploring Different Instruments  

This morning was a loud, musical morning in the Pine hallway. The children explored different instruments and the sounds they make. Some of the children chose to play an instrument and sing a song.  

"These are Bongos!"
"I will shake these and you use those!"

"Marry had a little lamb, little lamb, little lamb, Marry had a little lamb!"

Ela Sang "Marry had a little lamb" off of one of the song cards offered in the hallway.  

              James played the bells "1,2,3,4 Ding, ding, ding, ding!"



Trever listened carefully to the do,dung sound the marbles made traveling 
down the wooden leaves."This is a quiet sound."

T.S. Gold The Arts Objective 34: Explores musical concepts and expression
~ Miss Stack

Activities in the Oak Room

During center time in the oak room, we sometimes have appointments for children to do certain projects at each table. This week we are doing collages; the process is to first lie out the different pieces than glue them down. Today I sat with Daniel and Dekyn and engaged with them while they made their own collages.

"I'm making the one that's hanging up over there" -Daniel

"Look! Mine has circles too." -Daniel

"I'm making a rocket ship!" -Dekyn

Teaching Strategy:
Physical #7 Demonstrates fine-motor strength and coordination using fingers and hands.
Cognitive#11-Attends and engages

Brianna McCombs

Check out the water table

Yesterday the water table in the Maple room was open. The children were able to experiment with the water and the different size measuring cups. They were also ablate mix the different color of waters to make new colors.
"Put the waters together"- Rohan

Teaching strategies:
#11- demonstrates positive approaches to learning. 

-Ms. Jean-Charles

Monday, September 21, 2015

Sand bags in the Maple Room!

Today was the first day we had sand bags available in the Maple Room. In the morning, the children practiced building ramps with the sand bags and wood pieces. 
 "It's covered in sand bags." -Andrew

"He needs help, he's stuck in the sand." -Stephen
"It's going to smash into it. Bring it back." -Andrew

T.S. Gold Cognitive #11 Demonstrates positive approaches to learning
-Mrs. Race

Thursday, September 17, 2015

Exploring the Light Studio!

Today was an exciting day in the Light Studio! The Light Studio is located in the Walnut room and has been a big hit this year so far. Each week there is usually a new item in the Light Studio and this week was play dough that glowed under the black light! Many children were interested in the play
dough and making their own creations.
I like the orange play dough!- Kayden

My play dough is glowing! Its like a fruit roll up! -Lily 

I'm making snakes!- Katherine 

Teaching Strategies #33 Explores Visual Arts  
By exploring with the play dough and making their own creations they are exploring art
Miss Goodrich 

Learning How to Play Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star!

Learning How to Play
Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star


During afternoon centers, children explored with musical instruments in the hallway. They practiced how to play Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star. We started first on the xylophone.   

"Woah, it sounds cool on this!"

Zoey H. then went and told her classmates "you can even play the guitar while sitting like this." She sat on the floor and from here we sang the song again. She started the song off for us. 

"One and a Two and a Three, Four, Five!" 
~Zoey H.

Makayla enjoyed the guitar and wanted to try it too.  She played the guitar while standing and all four of us sang the song again. 

"You can play the guitar like this!"

Teaching Strategies 34: The arts - Explores musical concepts and expressions
Ms. Bomay

Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Bike, Scooters, and Carts

This morning at the CDLL, the staff decided to make outside as an option for center time. To accommodate this, Pine and Walnut were closed for the morning. At first some of the children seemed confused, but they were able to figure out the change quickly and planned their days accordingly. While outside, some of the popular items to play with included bikes, scooters, and carts. The students were all using them in different ways. Some were collecting things in their carts while others were sharing bikes with fellow classmates. 
Sophia was collecting items in her cart. She said, "I found a woodchip! I need to find a rock now."

These students used problem solving to figure out how to get around one another. 

Pelumi went over the bridge and said, "Watch this!"

Ms. Zylka
Teaching Strategy Gold #6: Demonstrates gross-motor manipulative skills 

Bug Hunt

The children spent a lot of time outdoors today exploring the different insects found in nature. They searched in the dirt, grass, trees and bushes. They worked together to find crickets, grasshoppers, beetles, ants and more! 

The children communicated to one another as they searched for new insects.

 Look! There's one over there! -Danny

Here's one in the bushes! -Ainsley 

Be careful, don't squish it! -Micah


Ms. Ball

Teaching Strategy: #27 Demonstrates knowledge of Earth's environment.