Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Happy Wednesday Everyone!
Thanks to all of you who showed up for family night tonight!
We had a great turnout and enjoyed seeing everyone.
Today was the last day of our Fall semester and like any other day we had a very busy but enjoyable day with the children. In the Pine room some children were playing with the baby dolls and the doctors office. Others were making space ships and flying them around the class.
In the Maple room the widgets were a new item added to the room and the children really enjoyed them. The cars and trains were also popular as usual :)
In the Oak room the Castle group finished painting the box. New this week was driving the toy cars through the paint. Also, playing with the glitter play dough was an area of interest.
In the Walnut room the children were still enjoying the fake snow and the water and gel balls.
This semester flew by so fast! The student teachers will definitely miss our preschoolers! I hope everyone has a nice and relaxing break. Thanks for everything :)
-Mrs. Smith

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Happy Tuesday!!!
Today has been a very busy day! The children were very excited about the fake snow and the water balls in the sensory tables in the Walnut room.
The children loved that you can't see the balls in the water until you put your hands inside the water and can move and feel all the balls in the water.
In the Oak room children were painting with car tires and running their cars in paint and driving the car on their paper to make car tire tracks all over their papers.
In the Maple room children were very excited about the widget blocks and the foam blocks. The children were building castles, houses, and towers throughout the classroom.
In the Pine children were taking the babies to the doctor office to get shots and check ups.
As the children voted to make the box into a castle. All week long we have been working on it to make a door that opens out with string, windows, and other things the children have designed for it and then today the children finished painting the castle red.
Hope Everyone has a great vacation!! The student teachers don't want this experience to end we will miss the children, the staff, and the families!!

Ms. Patterson

Monday, December 3, 2012

Monday December 3, 2012

Happy Monday! This is the last Monday until the new year but the children were still as busy as ever!

In the pine room, the children are still very into the doctor's office. Lots of play with taking care of the babies was going on today. Isaiah hosted a party in the pretend laundry room today. The guests brought food and everyone had a great time.

In the maple room, the children were very busy building. The castle group made great progress! We cut out windows and made a functional drawbridge! The children are so excited about it! We are painting it tomorrow then drawing bricks on it to make it look like a real castle!!

In the oak room, the children had to opportunity to paint with cars! There was also glitter snow in the play-doh. The children used recyclable items at the writing center to make collages.

In the walnut room we has two new sensory items. We had fake snow in one which the children LOVED and also water balls, where you can't see them unless you lift them out of the water. They are so awesome! Puzzles were also a big hit as well as the writing center.

Hope everyone enjoys their last week!
-Hannah Mazzie