Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Music and Books, Oh My!

Today in the Walnut room, We had two special guests join our large group in the morning. These special guests were Andrew's mother and grandfather. Andrew's mother first read a book by the name of Abiyoyo and after his grandfather played two songs: "This little light of mine" and "My Bonnie Lies Over the Ocean". During "This Little Light of Mine" Andrew's mother passed out a candle and each of the children took turns holding it. 

Andrews Mom Singing: "This Little Light of Mine" and Andrew's Grandpa playing the Guitar.

Andrew's Mom Reading: Abiyoyo

Teaching Strategies Gold # 18
Comprehends and responds to books and other texts

-Ms Seamans

Monday, March 28, 2016

Making Circuits!

Today in the Walnut room Rohan's dad came in and taught the children about circuits. The children loved learning about and making the circuits. They also made a fan fly up in the air, the children thought that was pretty cool!
 Look at the fan!-Tegan
This is so cool!- Andrew
Teaching Strategies Gold: Objective 28

New Things In The Pine Room!

New Things In The Pine Room!

Today in the Pine room, the children had the opportunity to engage with some new materials. The Pine room now has a fire truck, which has hats and hoses for the children. There is also a bus, with a steering wheel and chairs for the children to drive the bus anywhere they want. Both of these were a big hit! The children participated in sociodramatic play.

"We are going to the museum." - Evie

"They live in the fire fighting station." - Andre
"Weeeeeoooooooo" - Ethan

Teaching Strategy Objective 14b: Engages in sociodramatic play
Lauren Reiter

Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Lets Get Those Bodies Moving!

Some of the children went on a field trip today to the Student Activity Center near the CDLL.  They were given the opportunity to interact with some other CMU students and try out many different activities in the gym.  Some activities required the children to use their hand eye coordination while others used balance and moved their bodies at different speeds.  On the way back to the CDLL there were a few conversations about how much the children enjoyed going to the gym.

"We have to do the slide and soldier with this leg." - Ashtin 

"It's going really fast!" - David

"My favorite was the ball rolling one." - Carter P

Miss Viges

Teaching Strategies Gold - Objective #6: Demonstrates Gross Motor Manipulative Skills

Rhyming Up a STORM

While the storm raged outside, Mr. Jonatis' small group was rhyming up a storm inside. The children worked together and independently to match and identify rhyming cards. After completing the flash card game the children came up with their own rhyming words. Throughout the day the children in the small group could be heard rhyming different words.

"These can be tricky!"- Tommy

"These two words end in the same letters, they rhyme." -Ainsley  
Miss Strobel
Teaching Strategies Gold: Objective 15: Demonstrates phonological awareness

Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Monday Messy Masterpieces

This morning in the Oak Room, the children had the opportunity to place yarn into paint and drag it through a folded piece of paper. Asa tried multiple pieces of paper to include different sized yarn and multiple colors. Both Dekyn and Asa used the tongs to dip the yarn into the paint, while Kayden dove in with both hands.
March 21, 2016

"It is like icky sticky glue." -Asa
"I'm going to try a long pink one this time." -Asa
"I don't know what it will make. Maybe I can make a dinosaur." -Dekyn
"I have two blue hands!" - Kayden
T.S. Gold Objective # 33.
Explores the visual arts

Tremendous Tuesday

Today the children had many different opportunities to use creative thinking the CDLL. In the Oak Room, children were able to design their own key chains for the community project and explore different stamp prints by rolling out clay and stamping the distinct prints in the clay. In the Maple Room, children were experimenting with blocks and discussing what they were designing.

March 22, 2016

"I am putting colorful circle beads on my key chain." ~ Rohan

"That print is a hand. This print is a foot." ~ Lila Beau

"This is my golf course. The marble has to make it through the end to get a point." ~ Axel 
TS Gold Objective #11e Shows flexibility and inventiveness in thinking

Mrs. Schrank

Monday, March 21, 2016

How Can Children Work Together?

While in the Maple Room during center time, children had fun playing Candy Land together. Each child took turns choosing a card and moving their piece accordingly. Children held each other responsible for taking their turn at the appropriate time, as well as making the correct move.

"I'm going to move my piece to the next orange spot I see. -Micah
"Sumaya will take her turn after me. -Axel

Teaching Strategies Objective 2c: Interacts With Peers

Thursday, March 17, 2016

Web Cam!

This afternoon Mr. Jonaitis and Mrs. Weller's small groups came together to observe live animal feeds on the computer. First there was a conversation about what a web cam is then we were able to observe baby eagles that had just been born within the hour! After talking about the eagles Mr. Jonaitis was able to pull up different Zoo live web cams and we were able to watch elephants, monkeys, and other animals in their habitats.

"He looks this big. "
"His head is white and his body is brown."
"They have beaks."
"I want to see the baby!"

Teaching Strategies Gold: Objective 25. Demonstrates knowledge of the characteristics of living things

Miss Winkler

Fun in the Maple

Today Mrs. Potter set up activities for  the children to do in the Maple room. The purpose of these activities was to help strengthen the children's fine motor and balancing skills. There was a bean bag toss into a board with different holes in it.

"I got one see!" - Brody

The children were able to walk across a balance beam. One side of the balance beam was thick, and the other thin. The children were able to try both to test out how different the two sides were.
"We can do it together" - Ari

"I'm doing it by myself, see!" - Tegan

Teaching Strategies #5 Physical; Children Demonstrate Balancing Skills

Maginta Smith

Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Hello and Goodbye Window!

After Large Group during AM Centers, the Bridges program came into the Oak Room to create some artwork with the children. The artwork was based on 'Hello, Goodbye Window,' by Norton Juster, were the children could make a 'magical' window where the children could imagine something they wanted to see through the window. 

"I can see a T-Rex..." - Tommy

Teaching Strategies Gold: Objective 33: Explores Visual Arts

Kayla Tanner
March 16, 2016

Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Going for a Walk

Today, Mrs. Nims took her small group on a walk to enjoy the nicer weather. They walked through part of CMU's campus, to the tunnel that connects Brooks Hall and Dow Hall. Along the way, the waved to people and pointed out the things they saw. In the tunnel, the children admired the paintings of nature and science.

Axel said he saw, "Two skateboards, a hammock, and buds!"

Fifi said she saw people on their walk. 

"Fish!" Said Luke.

Teaching Strategy Gold: Objective 4: Demonstrates traveling skills

Ms. Vedder 
March 15, 2016

Pine Room Fun!

The Pine room is open to children during center times. This tends to be a popular room but today, it was extra popular. Children were exploring in every area of the room.

"I'm her mom. Feeding her milk." -Hailee G.

"I clean the teeth with this." - Sumaya

"Soap. What's this?" - Fifi

"Here's your money." - Charlie

"Meow." - Alana, Luke, and Leah

"I can read this book on my own. I've read it before." - Makenna

Teaching Strategies Gold:
The Arts Objective 36: Explores drama through actions and language

Miss Hild

Monday, March 14, 2016

Worm Fun!

Monday, March 14, 2016

The worms outside sparked the children's interest this morning and continued on into their spaghetti lunch.

 "This looks like worms!" -Charlie

"Mine is wiggling" -Stephen

"Meat looks like rocks and red is the water" -Daniel

Teaching Strategies Gold: Objective 11. Demonstrates Positive Approaches to Learning.

-Ms. Peters

Rainy Day!

Rain did not stop us from enjoying some time outside today! The children suited up in their rain gear and were eager to get back onto the playground after a week long break! They enjoyed jumping in the puddles, riding bikes through the puddles, playing in the mud, and going down the slide super fast!

"Look! I'm a penguin when I go down the slide like this!" - David

"My boot almost got stuck in the mud." - Andre

Teaching Strategies Gold
Objective 6: Demonstrates Gross Motor Manipulative Skills

Ms. McArthur

Thursday, March 3, 2016

Getting Crafty in the Oak Room

Today in the Oak Room children were busy painting and drawing pictures.  Some used their imagination to  draw objects that were not present in the room, others used their creativity to draw objects in the room or on  their shirt. Most of the artwork was painted to be displayed in the community art project. A few made pictures to take home or even give to a friend. 

Teacher: "What kind of dinosaur are you painting?"
Tommy: "This is a Parasaurolophus."

James: "I made a Pikachu."

Charlie: "I'm making something for James."

Pelumi: "I'm making a rainbow."

Axel: "I'm painting a pine tree. This ones a normal tree."

Teaching Strategies Gold: 
The Arts Objective 33: Explores the Visual Arts

Thursday March 3, 2016

-Ms. Hallgren

Wednesday, March 2, 2016

More Snow Calls for More Sledding!

Today, the children had the option to all go sledding. Many of the children and teachers helped to carry over the sleds and shovels, along with some spray bottles, over to the hill right on campus by Moore. The children had a blast getting to play in all the freshly piled snow. They enjoyed going down the hill, making snow angels, coloring the snow with spray bottles, using the shovels, and all playing together!

"Look! I made a snow angel." -Asher

"Hold on Anaya!" -Axel

"This is fun!"- Olivia

"We found ice!"- Tommy

Teaching Strategies Objective 2: Establishes and Sustains Positive Relationships
Dimension C: Interacts with peers 03/02/2016
Ms. Juzyk

Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Physical objects of properties and materials

In the Oak room during small group, the teacher introduced a sink or float activity. The children tested a variety of objects to see if they would sink or float. They were able to form hypotheses on the objects they chose to place in the water before dropping them in.

The cotton ball floated first and then it sank -Makayla
I think the rock will sink because its hard -Lamar

I think the pen will float because its small -Alana
I think the spoon will float because its small like the pen -Ashtin

Teaching Strategies Gold Science and Technology # 26 Demonstrates knowledge of the physical properties of objects and materials.

-Ms. Hall