Wednesday, March 2, 2016

More Snow Calls for More Sledding!

Today, the children had the option to all go sledding. Many of the children and teachers helped to carry over the sleds and shovels, along with some spray bottles, over to the hill right on campus by Moore. The children had a blast getting to play in all the freshly piled snow. They enjoyed going down the hill, making snow angels, coloring the snow with spray bottles, using the shovels, and all playing together!

"Look! I made a snow angel." -Asher

"Hold on Anaya!" -Axel

"This is fun!"- Olivia

"We found ice!"- Tommy

Teaching Strategies Objective 2: Establishes and Sustains Positive Relationships
Dimension C: Interacts with peers 03/02/2016
Ms. Juzyk

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