Thursday, March 3, 2016

Getting Crafty in the Oak Room

Today in the Oak Room children were busy painting and drawing pictures.  Some used their imagination to  draw objects that were not present in the room, others used their creativity to draw objects in the room or on  their shirt. Most of the artwork was painted to be displayed in the community art project. A few made pictures to take home or even give to a friend. 

Teacher: "What kind of dinosaur are you painting?"
Tommy: "This is a Parasaurolophus."

James: "I made a Pikachu."

Charlie: "I'm making something for James."

Pelumi: "I'm making a rainbow."

Axel: "I'm painting a pine tree. This ones a normal tree."

Teaching Strategies Gold: 
The Arts Objective 33: Explores the Visual Arts

Thursday March 3, 2016

-Ms. Hallgren

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