Wednesday, February 29, 2012

2/28/12 POD A

Hello Friends and Family!

Today was a really exciting day in Pod A.

Today in the morning we had some Native American dancers come to show us some dances that they do. They children really seemed to enjoy their costume dresses.

In the oak room we have "gloop" at the texture table which is a mixture of corn starch and water. The children were trying to figure out why it melts. The children have also been using the marble paint which is in the art studio.
                                                        Sydney playing with the "gloop"

In the walnut classroom over in the discovery area we have different size tubes that the children can build with and make different size tunnels which they can roll a ball down it.
                                              Mateo watching the ball roll down the tube

Mrs. McGee also came in this after room and talked to us about dairy. The children got to learn where dairy comes from and got to try different kinds of foods that come from dairy.
          Mrs. McGee playing a dairy game

                                                                                         Children eat dairy food from Mrs. McGee
Hope to see everyone back at school on Thursday!
Ms. Camilletti

TS Gold
Physical- Objective 7 uses fingers and hands

Pod A 2-29-12

Today was an interesting day in Pod A! We only had 14 children, but we definitely made the most of it! We continued with exercise in the morning and rough and tumble in the afternoon.

Children continued to experiment with "Gloop." It was pretty messy, but the children seemed to enjoy it!
                                                     Maggie experimenting with the gloop.
Children also explored the gel crystals in the texture table, which had a "squishy cold feel!"
                                                     Oliver playing with the crystals.
We ended the day with a fun obstacle course in the large movement room! Children had to roll across a mat, walk up and down the bridge, shoot a basket, punch the punching bag, and weave in and out of the tables! It was a great way to end the day.
Despite the low numbers due to weather conditions and other school cancelations we had a good day today. Hope everyone has a fun safe spring break! I look forward to seeing everyone again after break!
~Miss Willmer

T.S. Gold- Science and Technology #24 Uses Scientific Inquiry, Physical #7 Uses fingers and hands, The Arts #35 explores dance and movement concepts

Wednesday, POD B 2/29/12

The snow outside was an exciting change today!  Even though there was a small amount of children in the entire CDLL, we had fun.  There was cooking and exercise in the large motor room, and the children have been really into building zoos and habitats for the animals in construction.  "Clean mud" and new items in the sand caught the attention of children.  They built snowmen and caves in the "clean mud", and were testing out the different size funnels that were in the sand.  We ate lunch and played outside with POD A children to make up for the public school closings.  Even though the children have a good time  in the snowy weather, they expressed their excitement about the upcoming season of Spring.

Hope everyone has a great spring break!
-Ashley Braley

Sidney G. was molding the "clean mud" in the wet sensory table.

Elliana and Sidney G. were making "clean mud" balls and mashing them together,

Strategies: Science and Technology 27, Cognitive 12

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Hello families and friends,
 Today the children went in the large movement room and watched a Native American Tribal Dance in which they watched three people perform different dances. The three types of dances were the Jingle dance, the Grass dance and lastly the Fancy dress dance which the girl wore a dress with a colorful cape in which looked like a butterfly when she opened it. The children looked interested as they watched they different dances. Thy asked questions about the dances and culture of the Native Americans. Today we also introduced them to  clean mud which is toilet paper mixed with soap and water. The children said thing they were making such as tacos and cookies, they explained to me that it looks like snow. They will continue to explore this for the rest of the week.

Teaching Strategies: The Arts 35, Explores dance and movement concepts.

Miss Crescentini

Monday, February 27, 2012

Monday Pod B

Today was field trip day! We went over to Rose Arena and tried out some gymnastics! We met some of the girls from the CMU gymnastics team and they taught us some new things. We started by getting all stretched out. Next we spilt into 4 groups and went to different stations. There was bars, where the children hung and swung into a foam pit. There was a trampoline station where we jumped 5 times then into a foam pit. Floor exercises were tumbling frontwards and backwards on triangle mats. Finally there was the balance beam where the children walked across and then took a big jump off!
This afternoon Mrs. McGee came and taught us about dairy products. We tried yogurt, pudding, swiss cheese, string cheese and chocolate milk! Yum!

Trying out the balance beam!

What a very busy, very fun day!

Physical 4, 5, 6
Cognitive 11
Social Studies 30

Haily Fabish

Saturday, February 25, 2012

POD B Thursday, February 23

Hello Everyone!
Today was a great day in POD B.   We had a lot of interest with things in the Maple room this afternoon.  Many new structures and habitats have been built by groups of children working together.  We had many students interested in the art center.  The figure pant at the light table has explored by many students and the shaving cream trays also seem to be enjoyed.  Even though there was a lot of activity happening the in Maple classroom there was also activity over in the Pine.  The stage continues to entertain us with different shows and performances.  We have recently seen some of the children moon walking skills. J  There has also been a lot of activity on the new magnetic board in the classroom.  The children been exploring it by moving the tubes and different pieces around to see what will happen when the ball is dropped and rolls through the path they have set for it.  Hopefully they will continue to explore that and be able to make some connections about the placement of the pieces and the way is effects the ball.  We look forward to seeing everyone on Monday.  Have a great weekend!

Teaching Skills: Science and Technology- Objective 25: Demonstrates knowledge of the characteristics of living things
Cognative. - Shows curiosity and motivation

Thursday, February 23, 2012

POD A: Thursday, February 23rd

Hello Everyone!

Today was a very interactive day in POD A! In the morning we had exercise where the children participated in an active video called Scooter & Me. We have also been experimenting with shaving cream and powder paint. Using powder paint to create the desired shade of color the children want to work with fun and experimental. In the light hall the children are discovering the plasma balls and what happens when we touch them and move out hands around them. Some of the children drew pictures of swirls in the writing center and brought their work out into the light table to place light table materials around the swirl they drew. In the afternoon the children participated in rough and tumble play. Thanks to the weather we were also able to go outside in the afternoon to get our wiggles out.

One of the new additions we have to the classroom is the magnetic wall over in discovery.  At the wall children are creating pathways by using half-pipes and circular magnetic holders to hold the half-pipes up. Right now we are working on imagining what types of materials will be running through the pathways that the children are creating.

-Ms. Tabeek

Devin playing basketball in the large motor room after lunch.

Colton working with the pipe pathways in discovery.

Kyla feeding a babydoll in pretend.
Teaching Strategies Gold: Science and Technology 24; Social Studies 30.

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

POD A 2/22/12

Hello everyone! Today was a great day in pod A. Students were really engaged in each center area. Discovery was a place of exploration on the newly added magnet wall and the sand table. Cooking with fruit continued today as well as exercise and bend and stretch. The weather was nice and warm today so large group was held outside during the afternoon. Hopefully the weather continues to be warm because we all enjoyed the outdoor movement. ----Marshelle Jennings

Pod B- 2/22

Today was a fun day in the CDLL! Many children started working with the magnetic ramps and tubes. They put balls on the ramps and were able to move the ramps around so they could see where the tubes and ramps needed to be to catch the ball. We had a few shows going on in the pretend area on the stage some children were singing and dancing. The children were able to play with silly putty at afternoon center time and many of them thought it was sticky and slimy! We had Ms. Marissa come in to work on the pottery wheel with the children.

Adrian and Marc playing with the magnet tubes and ramps

Addy, Sidney, and Connor singing on the pretend stage
Arts #34 Musical expression

Have a good Weekend!

Alura Nash

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Pod A 2-13-12

Today was a great day in pod A!
We continued with our nutrition segment and some children had cooking appointments with Mrs. Kauppi.
We also kept up with bend and stretch and rough tumble.
There were a few new materials added in the art center today! Children were able to experiment with "salt paint" and glitter glue!

    Samantha squeezing the glitter glue out of the bottle.

Another hit of the day was new story on the felt board. Kids were able to tell the story The Hungry Caterpillar using felt pieces!  
  Maria acting out the story The Hungry Caterpillar

 All in all the day was very fun and we keep learning from the kids just as much as they learn from us! We look forward to the rest of the week and semester with these awesome children!

 ~Ms. Willmer

T.S. Gold- Physical- 6 Physical- 7 Literacy- 18 Mathematics-20 The Arts- 36

Pod A Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Hello everyone!
Today was a busy and great day! This week the children were introduced to a new workout video called Shawn T's Fit Kid's Club. This will be an option in the mornings during Centers for them to do as they wish. There has also been the introduction of  pipes for them to build with in the Discovery center. They are able to shape and create them how they want and eventually water will be added so they can explore with it. Today they did a lot of problem solving with the placement of pipes and how to connect them together so they would stay up.

                                        Carson H. and Summer building with the pipes



This afternoon Mrs. McGee continued her nutrition unit. She talked about fruits by reading a story, doing a movement activity and also taste testing a couple of different fruits. Every Tuesday quite a few children talk about Mrs. McGee and how they cannot wait for her to come visit. This week at the texture table we are using shaving cream and powder paint to explore with. Hoping for a great rest of the week!

Standards: Physical Development and Health 1-3: Participate actively and on a regular basis, in games, outdoor play, and other forms of exercise that enhance physical fitness. Intellectual Development 4: Children move from solving problems through trial and error to beginning to use varied strategies, resources, and techniques to test out possibilities and find solutions.

~Ms. Morris~

Pod B Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Hello everyone!

Today we had a lot of different things going on within the class room along with in the hallway. Children continued to explore the stage in pretend. They put on performances and decorated the stage with more flowers around the edge. In discovery the children explored the new tubes that can be placed on a wall. The children used rocks and nuts to roll down the tubes, eventually we will allow the children to put water down the tubes! In the art center the a lot of children were using the marble paint along with the paint placed on the light table. On the light table the children we able to use their hands, cars, and tools to move around the paint. As children made patterns on the light table they started asking for paper to document their work. In the hallway children continued to play with the grocery store, carts, and the new dining table. Children continued to manipulate and explore the many different things around them!

Heather Brady
Teaching Strategy: Cognitive 12- Recognizes and connects experiences 

Brandon working on a ramp in which the ball will roll directly into a tower of tubes.

Levi, Mya, Kelly, and Landon are at the writing table using stencils and working on presents for their parents.

Elliana, Levi, and Sidney are all working together on the light table as they use their hands, cars, and different tools to makes patterns in the paint. 

Laken and Sidney are working together to add more flowers around the outside of the stage. 

Bess is signing on the stage during center time. 

Monday, February 20, 2012

Pod A Monday February 20

Good afternoon! Today there was the usual exercise in the morning and rough and tumble in the afternoon. Mrs. Kauppi did cooking appointments with some of the children that involved fruits. Some new changes happened in the discovery area. There is new sand in the sand table along with some pipes for the children to use with the sand. Mr. Jonaitis is working on a project in the discovery area that involves pipes. We’ll have to see what the finished product will be. In the hallway there are some new musical instruments for the children to explore with. Also there is a picnic table so that the children can bring down food they purchase at the grocery store and have a meal. Some children even brought their babies down for a picnic as well.

Have a good week!
Ms. Minotas

Teaching Strategy: Cognitive 14-B. Engages in sociodramatic play

Danielle and Sydney making eggs

Caleb feeding his baby at the picnic table

Monday, Feb. 20, 2012

Today was a warm, beautiful day!  We have several new things in each of the centers in the classrooms.  There is a picnic table out in the hallway, new curtains in the pretend area, and Mr. Jonaitis is continuing to build a life size stage in the indoor movement room.  In the art center there is marble paint and shaving cream that interested the children.  Many of the children enjoyed learning about new fruits and vegetables that Mrs. McGee introduced to us this afternoon.

Have a great rest of the week!

Ashley Braley

Huseen, Karter, and Eric compared the tire tracks that their trucks each made in the finger paint at the light table.

Skills:  Art 33

Sunday, February 19, 2012

Thursday, February 16, 2012 - Pod B

Hello Family and Friends!

We had a busy day in Pod B. The children spent some time in pretend today. They would walk around and hand each other flowers. They also set up the table like in a restaurant and had the flowers in the middle of the table. The children were also spending time in construction. They have been interested in the new dinosaurs.

We also had a guest come in to play some music for the children. He brought a Chinese Chen and the Turkish Saz. The children enjoyed his music. Some children showed their enjoyment by tapping their feet to the beat, moving their head to the music, swaying back and forth, or dancing.

Some children were interested in the tuning of the instruments. They asked to see what happens the strings are out of tune. 

 The children hearing the difference between tuned and out of tune.

The children listening and dancing to the music being played.

We are looking forward to next week! 
Mrs. Sanders

The Arts #34 - Explores musical concepts and expression

Saturday, February 18, 2012

Thursday, February 16- Pod A

Hi everyone!

Pod A on Thursday was a very busy day! We had a guest speaker come to the Indoor Movement Room in the morning and play his Chinese Chen instrument for us. The children had the opportunity to go in and out as they pleased, and listen or dance along to the music.

Getting up close and learning more about new instruments!
We got to play with the sleds outside, since it had been recently snowing! The children continue to really like to sit with a friend on a sled and be pulled around on it across the playground.

We continued to use and explore with the glitter glue because it's a big hit at the collage table inside the Oak Classroom!

At the end of the day, everyone had so much energy we decided to have an impromptu dance and sing-along time for those who were interested in learning some new songs.

This was a really fun and busy week in the Walnut and Oak rooms, and we cannot wait to see what is coming! :-)

Miss Van Hamme

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Today the children were full of energy! This morning after circle times Some children went down to the large motor room and enjoyed dance aerobics for exercise. After lunch we had fun playing outside using shovels to move snow and ice and getting pulled by some teachers on sleds. Later some children enjoyed rough and tumble to get those last wiggles out. By the end of the day every one was tired!

Physical 4 & 6
Getting our knees up at dance aerobics!
Haily Fabish

Tuesday, February 14, 2012


Hello Family and Friends

Today in Pod A was a pretty exciting day!

The collage table was a big hit! On the collage table we had different color glitter glue out on the tables that the children were making Valentines for their friends and families.
                                                  Aiden and Danielle at the Collage table

In the art studio we continued with the watercolor and salt paintings that the children are still exploring with to see how their painting changes when they pour salt on top of it.

We also had a guest speaker today named Mrs. McGee that came to talk to us all about vegetables. She will be continuing to come every Tuesday afternoon to talk to us about different food groups.

Cooking was also a big hit today! The children got to make hearts out of tortilla shells which they later got to eat for snack this afternoon with bananas and peanut butter.

See you all on Thursday!

Ms. Camilletti

TS Gold
Physical 7- Uses fingers and hands
Cognitive 11- persists
Hello, families and friends
Today during school the children explored the new dinosaurs we placed in the construction area. They named the dinosaurs and explained what they ate and what they liked to do. They built houses and area that they lived in and explained to teachers why they lived there and if the area was hot or cold. Another thing that kept the children engaged was the stories with props. They were able to tell the stories in their own way and set them up how they thought they should go. They explained the stories with a large amount of enthusiasm.
Sydney M and Armony

Eric Popa

Gold Strategies: Physical- Fine motor skills
Cognitive- Demonstrating positive approaches to learning

Nadia Crescentini

Monday, February 13, 2012

Monday February 13, 2012 Pod B

Mrs. Mcgee came in again today to talk about vegetables! She read us a story about vegetables and where we can find all the different kinds. She also fed us some vegetables and many of us tried new vegetables that we hadn't before. We also added funnels to the sand table and many children were interested in how the sand flowed through. Shopping carts were added to the hallway many of the children were acting out how to buy food in a grocery store.

Teaching Strategies Physical- #4 traveling skills Cognitive #12 Remembers and connects experiences

Rachel, Kelly, Jonah P and Jonah C. in the sand area 

Kelly and Rachel practicing scooping and watching it funnel out

Jonah C. Rachel and Kelly scooping sand into the funnels

Friday, February 10, 2012

Febuary 9th POD B

Good Afternoon Families!
Today was a great day!  Because of the beautiful weather we were able to go outside not only after lunch but also at the end of the day.  Everyone, teachers included, really seemed to enjoy getting a little extra time out in the sunshine. J
In the writing center students continue to make Valentine’s for family and friends.  They have been doing a lot of taping and tracing different size hearts.  In pretend we have been working together to brain storm different things we might want to add to our stage area.  We have taken their suggestions and ideas and are adding many fun new things for them to explore and use on Monday.  In the discovery areas children continue to work with the cups with different size holes in either the side or bottom.  In the art area we continue to have out the floam and the bubble art.  The children seem to enjoy having new materials in the art area to use this week.  Hope everyone had a great week and an even better weekend.  We look forward to seeing you on Monday!

Standards- The Arts 36- Explores drama through actions and language; Language and Literacy 4-Children grow in their capacity to use effective listening and understanding

Thursday, February 9, 2012

Thursday February 9th - POD A

Good Afternoon Everyone!

As the week winded down we still had so many fun adventures at school today!

This morning instead of our traditional bend and stretch the children enjoyed moving to video where they were dancing all over the place and getting in their morning exercise.

The weather outside was gorgeous today! We were fortunate enough to go outside before lunch like normal and at the end of the day! Playing with the bikes, on the play scape, and with all the tree stumps are wonderful gross motor opportunities.

Over in the art center we have so many big hits. The bubble paint is still fun, as the children blow bubbles into paint with a straw and place paper over the bubbles to get the imprints. Then at the texture table we have shaving cream out so everyone can spread it around and squeeze it through their fingers. The light table has also been a hit with the purple and white glitter paint.

So much activity is going on in the park! Multiple students have brought baskets into the kitchen to pack picnic lunches to take to the park with they baby dolls. We're also seeing a lot of animal acting. Today we had a few puppy doctors that were taking in puppies for their appointments.

Have a great weekend! We'll see you all Monday!

-Ms. Tabeek

Maria moves from tree stump to tree stump outside today.
Luke builds a "crabby patty" sandwich during his picnic lunch.
Summer blows into the soap/water/paint mixture making bubbles to print onto paper.

Teaching Strategies: Physical - 5

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Wednesday, February 8, 2012 POD B

Today turned out to be a wonderful day to go outside twice for the children.  They were able to go outside at the end of the day as well as their regular time after lunch.

In the classroom the children were able to make hearts, or Valentine's Day related cards or pictures in the writing center.  A special guest came into the classroom to show the children ways to sculpt with the clay.  There was floam, and bubble paint still from the beginning of the week, and there are new colors at the paint easel that the children mixed together at small group time on Monday.  Along with a special guest, a group of children went on an outdoor adventure to Vytes Woods with Ms. Weller and Mr. Jonaitis.  We're coming up with new ideas from the children about the stage in the pretend area, and we have a few new ideas so far!  Hope everyone has a good weekend!

Ashley Braley

Bess and Katelin decided to make their moms a "special secret" Valentine Cards.

Katelin and Landen built a stage in the construction area with wooden blocks, scarves, and the wooden people.

Morgan grabbed the mixing color board by the easel to see what colors she had to mix in order to make orange.

Michigan State Standards: Creative 1.1, Science 1.4

Pod B Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Hello Everyone!

Today in Pod B we had a lot of different things going on! Children are continuing to use the ramps in the construction area to move objects up and down. In the art studio we had out floam, clay, bubble paint, and sparkled paint of the light table for children to move around with their hands. In the writing center we have set out valentines that the children can color on and write on. Many children have been using the different valentines to include in their pictures for family and friends. In the discovery center we have added new cups in the sensory table. The children are beginning to come up with reasons as to why the water is not staying in the cups! Lastly, we have been trying to find out what the children want to add to the stage. They came up with, decorations, more costumes, a microphone with a stand, a setting for the The Three Little Bears, and a place to play with puppets. We will continue to ask the children what they want to add to the stage throughout the week, so by next week we can start setting out new things that the children can explore and use their imagination. I hope you all have a great day!

-Miss. Brady

The Arts 36- Explores drama through actions and language

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Pod A 2/7/12

Happy Tuesday!
Today was  full of many great events. The children continued to explore with the shaving cream on trays using their hands. The light table had paint on it and different objects to manipulate and explore as well.

Mrs. McGee continued with her nutrition lessons today, and will continue in our pod every Tuesday.  The children seem very interested in her activities she has planned for them including the bread tasting they did today! Much interest was shown in the park transformation in the pretend area and some were even taking pets on leashes and having picnics in pretend.

The discovery center is a big hit as they continue to explore the funnels with the sand in the sensory table. They have recently stacked two different funnels together and looking at the different rates at which the sand will pour out.

Now that it is February, the children have the opportunity to create Valentine's in the writing center and give to someone. Quite a few of them enjoyed making them this morning! Hoping for a great rest of the week!

-Ms. Morris

                                           Henry, Devin, Oliver and Maggie using funnels

                                               Kyassie, Oliver and Colton making Valentine's

Standards: Physical Development and Health 5.1, Early Learning in Science 1.3

Monday, February 6, 2012

Pod A: Monday February 6, 2012

Today there were new things available for the children to play and explore with during centers. At the texture table the children had the opportunity to use shaving cream with their hands and on the light table there was paint they could explore with. Part of the pretend area got a make over during the weekend. One side of the pretend area is now a park. The children were very excited about the new play area. It was the spot to be. There was a rug on the floor that was a design of a bridge with a lake and grass on it. The children walked across the bridge and hopped across the lily pads. There was also fish, frogs, and crocodiles in the water. Many children packed up baskets of food and went on a picnic. 

Have a good week!
Ms. Minotas

Teaching strategy: Creative development - 4. Children show how they feel, what they think, and what they are learning through dramatic play.

Tyler and Luke hopping across the lily pads. Neva and Gabby are watching them.

Aiden, Danielle, luke, and Tyler on a picnic.

Pod B Monday Feb. 6

Today was a very exciting day! We had Mrs. McGee and her assistant Alyssa come in a talk to us about bread and all of the different kinds of bread that are available. We were also able to taste test some different kinds of bread she brought. We had floam out today and some of the children thought it was sticky they molded different structures together with it. They had bubble paint today to work with which was very exciting and some of them had to learn how to use it. 

Teaching Strategies Physical #7 and Language #8

Mrs. McGee telling the class about the different types of bread.

Mya molding the floam into a christmas tree

Laken Kameron and Elliana tasting some of the different breads Mrs. McGee brought