Thursday, December 5, 2013

A Wonderful Last Day of Fall Semester!

We had a very busy day in the CDLL! Since it was our last day as student teachers, we did a special morning group and gathered the whole school around the Oak room stage. The teachers acted out a book called Danny in the Toybox. All of the children were very engaged and we received many comments from them saying that our skit was very funny!

During center time in the Oak room, many of the children spent their time reenacting the Danny in the Toybox story!

Also during center time, Mrs. Potter offered Yoga in the Indoor Movement room!

We had a special lunch today in the Towers Residence Halls. We all walked to The Towers and had lunch in their cafeteria called Real Food on Campus. The children were able to try the different foods that college kids get to eat!

In the afternoon, we made playing outside an option during center time since it was so nice out. Many of the children played jump rope with their friends.

 I hope you all have a safe and wonderful winter break!

- Ms. Wilson

Teaching Strategies Objectives for Development and Learning:

  Cognitive #11 Children demonstrate positive approaches to learning,

Wednesday, December 4, 2013

A fun-filled Wednesday!

Today was such a fun day at the CDLL. In the morning we had a presentation from the CMU recycling club about all the ways the children can learn to recycle! They gathered in the indoor movement room to listen to the guest speakers. After the presentation we gathered together to have an all-school lunch of ham sandwiches and chocolate milk!

 After lunch the children bundled up in snow pants and boots to enjoy some fresh air. Many children were "selling hot cocoa" and having fun stepping in all the mud puddles!

During center time the art studio was very busy. Students were using the potters wheel, finger painting, easel painting, watercolor painting and collaging the community art project they have been creating together!

Today was many of the student teachers last day of teaching, including myself! I would like to thank everyone in the CDLL family. We have all had such a fun semester together. Hope to see you all at the family ethnic potluck tomorrow night!
Ms. Stark

Wacky Hair Wednesday!

Today was crazy hair day at the CDLL! Some children and teachers jazzed up their hair in spirit of the last week before break. 

Before lunch we had guests come in and talk to us about the importance of recycling. The children got to learn about what materials are recyclable and what they can do so help the planet. 

At the end of the day we had a dance party as a whole school! 

Teaching Strategies: Cognitive 11. Demonstrates positive approaches to learning. 

-Ms. Lemmen 

Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Pajama Tuesday in the Snow!

Today, we had medical guest come all the way from Lansing, Michigan to talk to the children about hospitals and doctors. She was stationed in the Pine room all morning for centers so the children could come and see how to use her tools. They had so much fun listening to each other's heartbeats!

The snowy morning made our time outside a blast! Children made snow angels and enjoyed running through the snow as well as catching snowflakes on their tongues. 

The flower shop was quite busy again as the children bought flowers and made flower arrangements. Many of the arrangements were created for the patients of the hospital! 

Children continue to work on making their own books and a basket has been placed out for the children to put their finished books into so that their classmates can read their work! 

I hope everyone has a good week and don't forget about crazy hair day tomorrow :) 

- Ms. Squiers

Eventful Day for the CDLL

With the days winding down we have had so many people and things happening.Today was one of our spirit days and we had the teachers and children come dressed in the pajamas. today we also had guest speakers, including a doctor. The Doctor was Ms. Squiers mother who brought some of her doctor stuff including her stethoscope, bandages and gauze for the children to see. Mrs. Squiers mother also stayed in the pine room for the children to talk to and meet after the morning group.

During morning centers some children  had the opportunity to choose working in the kitchen to make latkkas, or better known as potato pancakes. The children were given a recipe and mixed all the ingredients together to make the latkkas.

In the afternoon the large motor room was filled with children playing parachute. Taking and moving the parachute up and down, and then running and switching places with the children across from them. As the time went on balls were added for more fun.

 I hope to see some of you at the Family Potluck on Thursday.
Teaching Strategy: Social-Emotional 3-Children Participate cooperatively and constructively in group situations
Ms. Geyer

Monday, December 2, 2013

Another fun monday!

This is my last blog and I wanted to say that this semester has been the best experience. I have learned so much and I have enjoyed getting to know you and your child. I will never forget my student teaching here at the CDLL. Thanks for a great semester! :)

Today we had a fun little winter party in the pine room given by one of our students. The children loved pretending to go to a party. During out outside time that weather was so beautiful and both the children and the teaches were enjoying the sun light. In the after noon the graduate student came to make masks with the children. The mask making table was a hit! The children made lion masks. There was also some building going on outside this afternoon. The children enjoyed their time outside today!

Teaching Strategies: Physical 7 Fine motor
Mrs. Jones

A Great Start to the Last Week of the Semester!

 Some of the children started their day by going on a walk with Ms. Weller and I. It had been over a week since we had walked and they were excited to go back to the forest. Thankfully the weather was perfect!

The children have been working hard on forts inside of the forest. They often help each other carry large sticks like the one shown above. As they moved it they said, "This is huge, prolly the biggest one ever!"

Some new items were added to the mailbox system in the hallway. The children were eager to use the new postcards and stickers. Sophie said, "This snowmen sticker reminds me of winter."

Jill also joined us outside this afternoon for a little fun. The children made lion masks out of paper plates and Popsicle sticks. You could hear their roars all across the playground!

This has been such a wonderful semester and a great student teaching experience. Thank you for allowing me the opportunity to teach your child. It is an experience I will never forget! 

-Ms. Chludil

Teaching Strategies Gold
The Arts Objective #36
Explores drama through actions and language

Tuesday, November 26, 2013

A slippery, fun Tuesday!

The roads and sidewalks were so slippery this morning that a lot of our friends were unable to make it to school today.  Even though we missed having everyone there today was able to be so special! For morning group meeting Maple and Pine combined there groups and held it in the Maple room! It was so much fun to have morning group with different people! 
During morning centers in the Maple room Ms. Weller brought iPads in for the children to explore.  They spent time writing there names on the tablets with their fingers in different colors! 
The children were introduced to book making today.  The teachers showed the children the books in morning group and talked to them about all the things they could write in them.  They talked about title's and cover's as well! 
After morning group we had an all school lunch with a special chocolate milk treat! It was so fun to eat at the tables with children and teachers from different pods!
After our all school lunch we all went outside for some slippery fun! It was so icy out that we were unable to bring out any bikes or wagons.  The children pretended to ice skate on their feet all over the playground.  Other children laid down on the bridge and Mr. Jonitis slid them down on their backs.  It was so fun! 
This afternoon we had a special all school group to end the day! It included the limbo and a special play acted out by some of the student teachers (including myself)! The kids loved it and had so much fun watching the teachers pretend to be 3 little pigs and a big bad wolf!

Have a great break everyone! Can't wait to see you all back at school on Monday! 
-Miss Petruska

Literacy Objective #17 Demonstrates knowledge of print and its uses.

Icy Tuesday!

Today in the Pine room, the doctors office was once again popular. The children enjoyed checking each others heart beats, giving shots, and taking temperatures. The restaurant was another busy area. The children were making spaghetti pizzas! The children put spaghetti on top of the pizza and then served it.

It was super slippery outside today but the child had a blast!! The loved flying down the slide that had ice all over it. The children also enjoyed "ice skating" around the playground!

Instead of going outside in the afternoon, we decided to have a school wide large group in the indoor movement room. The children did the limbo and danced. The teachers even acted out the Three Little Pigs for the children!

Have a wonderful long weekend!

Jenna Asaro

Teaching Strategy: Cognitive #14 Engages in sociodramatic play

Monday, November 25, 2013

Library Day!

Today was such a fun day, we went on a field trip to the Park Library. The children had the opportunity to look at all the books then they looked through the book. Some of the teachers then read the books to the children. After that we headed back and we took a detour and went through the science building and walked through the tunnel! The children enjoyed going to the library.

We also had a young man come in from the circus and he did some tricks for the children. He showed them how to juggle. While he was juggling the children cheered him on!

In the Oak class the marble painting was not new but we added a twist to it. The children where able to put a lid on a container and added the marble then they shack it to make a painting!

Rebecca Jones
T.S. Literacy: 18 Comprehends and responds to books an other texts