Wednesday, December 4, 2013

A fun-filled Wednesday!

Today was such a fun day at the CDLL. In the morning we had a presentation from the CMU recycling club about all the ways the children can learn to recycle! They gathered in the indoor movement room to listen to the guest speakers. After the presentation we gathered together to have an all-school lunch of ham sandwiches and chocolate milk!

 After lunch the children bundled up in snow pants and boots to enjoy some fresh air. Many children were "selling hot cocoa" and having fun stepping in all the mud puddles!

During center time the art studio was very busy. Students were using the potters wheel, finger painting, easel painting, watercolor painting and collaging the community art project they have been creating together!

Today was many of the student teachers last day of teaching, including myself! I would like to thank everyone in the CDLL family. We have all had such a fun semester together. Hope to see you all at the family ethnic potluck tomorrow night!
Ms. Stark

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