Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Pajama Tuesday in the Snow!

Today, we had medical guest come all the way from Lansing, Michigan to talk to the children about hospitals and doctors. She was stationed in the Pine room all morning for centers so the children could come and see how to use her tools. They had so much fun listening to each other's heartbeats!

The snowy morning made our time outside a blast! Children made snow angels and enjoyed running through the snow as well as catching snowflakes on their tongues. 

The flower shop was quite busy again as the children bought flowers and made flower arrangements. Many of the arrangements were created for the patients of the hospital! 

Children continue to work on making their own books and a basket has been placed out for the children to put their finished books into so that their classmates can read their work! 

I hope everyone has a good week and don't forget about crazy hair day tomorrow :) 

- Ms. Squiers

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