Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Eventful Day for the CDLL

With the days winding down we have had so many people and things happening.Today was one of our spirit days and we had the teachers and children come dressed in the pajamas. today we also had guest speakers, including a doctor. The Doctor was Ms. Squiers mother who brought some of her doctor stuff including her stethoscope, bandages and gauze for the children to see. Mrs. Squiers mother also stayed in the pine room for the children to talk to and meet after the morning group.

During morning centers some children  had the opportunity to choose working in the kitchen to make latkkas, or better known as potato pancakes. The children were given a recipe and mixed all the ingredients together to make the latkkas.

In the afternoon the large motor room was filled with children playing parachute. Taking and moving the parachute up and down, and then running and switching places with the children across from them. As the time went on balls were added for more fun.

 I hope to see some of you at the Family Potluck on Thursday.
Teaching Strategy: Social-Emotional 3-Children Participate cooperatively and constructively in group situations
Ms. Geyer

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