Thursday, May 30, 2013

Rain Or Shine We Still Have Fun!

Most of the children were excited to hear that outside was an option for AM center time. During center time children had an opportunity to help paint the backdrop for their fish mural! No they did not paint with brushes but with their FEET AND HANDS!

Since it's Thursday we set off on a picnic! This time we walked to the open area between Anspach and Pearce! While enjoying sandwiches and milk, the children saw construction workers working on Anspach and noticed many men on the roof!

Pod B decided to turn their small group time into an obstacle course! This included jumping in and out of a hula hoop, a balance beam, bean bag toss, crawling though a tunnel, a sac race and balancing an egg on a spoon! Man was it hot! Everyone made it though one round while others couldn't get enough! As soon as we were done and all in our resting areas, BOOM! came the thunder, lightening and rain! We made it in just in time.

For the remainder of the day we were forced to stay inside! This was due to thunder and scattered rain. It wasn't all that bad because of the many activities available inside for the children to engage in. The Oak room is always popular! A stage and arts and crafts! Not many were too upset about staying inside!

Lets hope for a hot one Monday so we can enjoy WATER DAY! and welcome CMU Police with warm smiles!

Ms. Estrada

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Finally some sunshine!

Today we finally were able to get outside and enjoy the nice weather.  Outside was available for a choice during center time today and the children took full advantage.  Those who stayed inside worked on spin art and kept an eye on the caterpillars, making guesses about when the butterflies are going to arrive. Some children went to the woods and others got to check out Vowels kindergarten!The rest of the children had a combined lunch with Pod A and Pod B at a picnic location of Moore Hall.  

During small group time, Pod A went outside to the zen garden and played with the parachute and had a quick game of kickball.  The children loved playing red rover with the parachute, each having a chance to run underneath and check out the colors! 

After rest time, all of the children were back at the CDLL and many children cooled off after outside snack in the misters.  Some children got soaked, while others just got their feet wet! 

We had a fun-filled day today, and hopefully we can enjoy the sunshine again tomorrow! See everyone then!

Ms. Hayman

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Welcome back on this rainy tuesday!

We will keep hoping for sunshine so we can be outside all day, but until then we will stay busy inside.  Due to the rain, during center time all of rooms are open for the children to explore freely.  Since it's the beginning of the week there are many new things going on in the different classrooms.  Some blue shaving cream on the light table in the Oak room along with a new mirror in the stage area for performances.  Also check out the new picnic materials in the Pine room!! Here are a few pictures from today and some new things in our classrooms.  

In the Walnut room the caterpillars are still in the chrysalis stage! Don't forget to check out our live web stream at 

Bill adding dots of paint to his spin art!
In the Oak room many children enjoyed the new spin art painting.  This had children waiting to try it all day.  Each picture created was different and unique in it's own way! They really had fun with this new special project today!

During outside time Pod A (Walnut and Oak) went on group walks through our building (EHS) going on all the different floors, looking out windows, and using the elevator. 
Pod B (Maple and Pine) went and played with the parachute.  They enjoyed running underneath and switching spots and also pretending they were popping popcorn on top of it! 

                                             Let's hope we all see the sunshine tomorrow! 

                                                                  Ms. Kleinjans

Friday, May 24, 2013

A Fun Filled Day!!!

Due to the rain on thursday, we were kept inside yet again, but that didn't stop us from having fun! There were a lot of projects that were going on that they were continuing from previously in the week. All of the caterpillars turned into a chrysalis and were moved into the net this morning to wait until they became a butterfly. Before they were moved, the children noticed that they were moving around a little bit. Some had a thought of maybe it was going to be soon that they turned into a butterfly.

 The pine room is still a big hit this week with the salon and all of the pretend play in the kitchen area. Today there was a big feast going on in the kitchen. The children dressed up as construction workers took a break from working and grabbed a bite to eat.

This morning in the maple room, a Lego city was being built.  They had made a white house and told me that this was where the president lived. The north pole was also built on the opposite side of town where they said Santa Clause lived. In the middle there was a gathering area that had a couple trees in it. This was where they said the elves gathered for Christmas to happen.

The oak room right now is the place to be if you like to be on stage! We have been having dance recitals performed on the stage and today we had a dance lesson that some of the kids were involved in. They turned this area into a dance studio and were teaching each other some ballet moves.

The hallway was really busy today at the mailing center. Throughout the day children would gather to make cards and letters that they wanted to mail.

We look forward to seeing everyone on Tuesday to the start of another fun and exciting week!!
Ms. Van Buren

A Busy Rainy Day

Happy Wednesday,

Today the rain kept us inside this morning and afternoon. The hallway and all four classrooms were open to keep us occupied. Their were several new activities in the Oak room today that everyone enjoyed. We made 3D sculptures, silly putty, a mix of shaving cream and glue to paint with, and started an art project with wooden fish.


Due to the rain our Wednesday picnic was inside, we ate lunch in front of Einstein Bagels by the French auditorium.

Three of our caterpillars have now made their chrysalis! We are waiting for one more so we can place them inside the butterfly cage. Some of the children were comparing our discovery butterflies in the jar to our caterpillars, wondering what our butterflies might look like when they arrive.

We hope the rain stays away tomorrow so we can play outside again.
Mrs. Omans

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

New Things Excited Children

Happy Tuesday everyone,

We had some exciting news this morning with our caterpillars. Throughout the night three of the four caterpillars climbed to the top of the jar and started to make their chrysalis! How many more days until they turn into caterpillars?! Today was also the start of our kindergarten visits for those children who are moving on in the fall.

The rain stayed away today which allowed us to spend another day outside. Children created artwork using water color paint and chalk with textured patterns.


The Walnut room added mood sand and colored water to the texture tables.

The Oak room has added a stage and clothes for children to create performances. Today the performance was a dance performance.
In the Pine room children have explored the beauty shop and the beauty supplies.
Hoping for another beautiful summer day tomorrow!
Ms. Kampfert

Monday, May 20, 2013

Summer is Here

Happy Monday to all!

Today was the start of the second week of summer session. The new student teachers are building relationships will all the children and families. We are excited to be with the CDLL for the summer session weeks!

It seems that summer has finally arrived and with the warm, sunny weather there has been a lot of time spent outdoors with new and exciting activities! We have expanded our art areas outdoors so the children can enjoy the weather and be creative with different materials outside. We have games and puzzles on our picnic tables in the shade to sit and cool off. With the warm weather we have incorporated some light water play outside. We have  been making a mud kitchen in the sand box which has been a big hit! The children have been very excited every time the misters come on for a half hour in the afternoon as well. We have also had many helpers watering our plants and gardens.

We were very excited to have our snack delivered by a food pod on wheels today. The cart came into our playground and served the children snack to eat outdoors. An interesting, new and exciting experience! The children had the opportunity to look inside and honk the horn!

We have had our caterpillars for 5 days now. They are significantly bigger and are moving towards the top of the jar. How much longer until they make their chrysalis? The children have been guessing what the butterflies will look like. A popular thought is that they will be rainbow colored!

Hoping for sunny days ahead,

Ms. Knoth