Tuesday, May 21, 2013

New Things Excited Children

Happy Tuesday everyone,

We had some exciting news this morning with our caterpillars. Throughout the night three of the four caterpillars climbed to the top of the jar and started to make their chrysalis! How many more days until they turn into caterpillars?! Today was also the start of our kindergarten visits for those children who are moving on in the fall.

The rain stayed away today which allowed us to spend another day outside. Children created artwork using water color paint and chalk with textured patterns.


The Walnut room added mood sand and colored water to the texture tables.

The Oak room has added a stage and clothes for children to create performances. Today the performance was a dance performance.
In the Pine room children have explored the beauty shop and the beauty supplies.
Hoping for another beautiful summer day tomorrow!
Ms. Kampfert

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