Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Welcome back on this rainy tuesday!

We will keep hoping for sunshine so we can be outside all day, but until then we will stay busy inside.  Due to the rain, during center time all of rooms are open for the children to explore freely.  Since it's the beginning of the week there are many new things going on in the different classrooms.  Some blue shaving cream on the light table in the Oak room along with a new mirror in the stage area for performances.  Also check out the new picnic materials in the Pine room!! Here are a few pictures from today and some new things in our classrooms.  

In the Walnut room the caterpillars are still in the chrysalis stage! Don't forget to check out our live web stream at http://www.ustream.tv/channel/14518639. 

Bill adding dots of paint to his spin art!
In the Oak room many children enjoyed the new spin art painting.  This had children waiting to try it all day.  Each picture created was different and unique in it's own way! They really had fun with this new special project today!

During outside time Pod A (Walnut and Oak) went on group walks through our building (EHS) going on all the different floors, looking out windows, and using the elevator. 
Pod B (Maple and Pine) went and played with the parachute.  They enjoyed running underneath and switching spots and also pretending they were popping popcorn on top of it! 

                                             Let's hope we all see the sunshine tomorrow! 

                                                                  Ms. Kleinjans

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