Thursday, May 30, 2013

Rain Or Shine We Still Have Fun!

Most of the children were excited to hear that outside was an option for AM center time. During center time children had an opportunity to help paint the backdrop for their fish mural! No they did not paint with brushes but with their FEET AND HANDS!

Since it's Thursday we set off on a picnic! This time we walked to the open area between Anspach and Pearce! While enjoying sandwiches and milk, the children saw construction workers working on Anspach and noticed many men on the roof!

Pod B decided to turn their small group time into an obstacle course! This included jumping in and out of a hula hoop, a balance beam, bean bag toss, crawling though a tunnel, a sac race and balancing an egg on a spoon! Man was it hot! Everyone made it though one round while others couldn't get enough! As soon as we were done and all in our resting areas, BOOM! came the thunder, lightening and rain! We made it in just in time.

For the remainder of the day we were forced to stay inside! This was due to thunder and scattered rain. It wasn't all that bad because of the many activities available inside for the children to engage in. The Oak room is always popular! A stage and arts and crafts! Not many were too upset about staying inside!

Lets hope for a hot one Monday so we can enjoy WATER DAY! and welcome CMU Police with warm smiles!

Ms. Estrada

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