Friday, May 24, 2013

A Fun Filled Day!!!

Due to the rain on thursday, we were kept inside yet again, but that didn't stop us from having fun! There were a lot of projects that were going on that they were continuing from previously in the week. All of the caterpillars turned into a chrysalis and were moved into the net this morning to wait until they became a butterfly. Before they were moved, the children noticed that they were moving around a little bit. Some had a thought of maybe it was going to be soon that they turned into a butterfly.

 The pine room is still a big hit this week with the salon and all of the pretend play in the kitchen area. Today there was a big feast going on in the kitchen. The children dressed up as construction workers took a break from working and grabbed a bite to eat.

This morning in the maple room, a Lego city was being built.  They had made a white house and told me that this was where the president lived. The north pole was also built on the opposite side of town where they said Santa Clause lived. In the middle there was a gathering area that had a couple trees in it. This was where they said the elves gathered for Christmas to happen.

The oak room right now is the place to be if you like to be on stage! We have been having dance recitals performed on the stage and today we had a dance lesson that some of the kids were involved in. They turned this area into a dance studio and were teaching each other some ballet moves.

The hallway was really busy today at the mailing center. Throughout the day children would gather to make cards and letters that they wanted to mail.

We look forward to seeing everyone on Tuesday to the start of another fun and exciting week!!
Ms. Van Buren

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