Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Finally some sunshine!

Today we finally were able to get outside and enjoy the nice weather.  Outside was available for a choice during center time today and the children took full advantage.  Those who stayed inside worked on spin art and kept an eye on the caterpillars, making guesses about when the butterflies are going to arrive. Some children went to the woods and others got to check out Vowels kindergarten!The rest of the children had a combined lunch with Pod A and Pod B at a picnic location of Moore Hall.  

During small group time, Pod A went outside to the zen garden and played with the parachute and had a quick game of kickball.  The children loved playing red rover with the parachute, each having a chance to run underneath and check out the colors! 

After rest time, all of the children were back at the CDLL and many children cooled off after outside snack in the misters.  Some children got soaked, while others just got their feet wet! 

We had a fun-filled day today, and hopefully we can enjoy the sunshine again tomorrow! See everyone then!

Ms. Hayman

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