Tuesday, November 26, 2013

A slippery, fun Tuesday!

The roads and sidewalks were so slippery this morning that a lot of our friends were unable to make it to school today.  Even though we missed having everyone there today was able to be so special! For morning group meeting Maple and Pine combined there groups and held it in the Maple room! It was so much fun to have morning group with different people! 
During morning centers in the Maple room Ms. Weller brought iPads in for the children to explore.  They spent time writing there names on the tablets with their fingers in different colors! 
The children were introduced to book making today.  The teachers showed the children the books in morning group and talked to them about all the things they could write in them.  They talked about title's and cover's as well! 
After morning group we had an all school lunch with a special chocolate milk treat! It was so fun to eat at the tables with children and teachers from different pods!
After our all school lunch we all went outside for some slippery fun! It was so icy out that we were unable to bring out any bikes or wagons.  The children pretended to ice skate on their feet all over the playground.  Other children laid down on the bridge and Mr. Jonitis slid them down on their backs.  It was so fun! 
This afternoon we had a special all school group to end the day! It included the limbo and a special play acted out by some of the student teachers (including myself)! The kids loved it and had so much fun watching the teachers pretend to be 3 little pigs and a big bad wolf!

Have a great break everyone! Can't wait to see you all back at school on Monday! 
-Miss Petruska

Literacy Objective #17 Demonstrates knowledge of print and its uses.

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