Thursday, November 7, 2013

It May Be Cold outside but it’s Fun Inside for Pod A

Today was a day full of fun and excitement. We started the day with a Performance from Mrs. Potter’s husband in the Oak room. He started the performance with his guitar playing three different types of song. After he finished the three songs on the guitar he played one song on his two different hand drums. The children then had the choice during centers to stay with him and learn hands on how the drums and guitar work.

In the large movement room this morning children had the opportunity to greet the morning with some low impact yoga. Ms. Pocsi led the children in different yoga poses that they got to try for themselves.

In the Walnut room the children worked at the water table working to see what sinks and floats as well as learning and working on water flow, having the beads in the tubes and seeing how the water gets blocked. As well in the walnut room the children got to learn and play with the tornado tubes, they got to swirl  the tubes around and watch the tornado happen.

Teaching Strategy: Physical 5: Children demonstrate balancing skills
Ms. Geyer

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