Monday, November 25, 2013

It Was an Eventful Day Here at the CDLL!

Today was a busy start to a short week! The children began there morning with a field trip to the library on campus. 

They rode an elevator to the fourth floor where the children's books are located. This was a first time on an elevator for many of the children. They were surprised to see themselves in the mirror that was located on the ceiling of the elevator. 


Once they made it to the children's books they were able to choose their own book to sit down and explore.

Many teachers sat down and read the books they had chosen to groups of children. 

A visitor from CMU came this afternoon to do circus acts for the children in the indoor movement room. They were curious to see how many balls he could juggle!

Ms. Kauppi brought a special treat of hot chocolate outside for the children this afternoon. One of the children said, "this has been the best day ever!"

-Ms. Chludil

Teaching Strategies Gold

Literacy Objective #17 Demonstrates knowledge of print and its uses.


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