Monday, November 18, 2013

Doctor Doctor give me the news!

The children had such a good Monday! There were so many new things added to the classrooms. There was a car racer and some different water tools added to the water table in the Walnut class.

In the Oak class there was many new things to explore with: bubble wrap painting at the light table, moon sand at the manipulation table, marble painting at the painting table and at our community table there was building and gluing with wood work!

In the Maple class we added markers to the light table so the children have the opportunity to draw out the buildings they have been working on. We also added new puzzles to the table toys.

In the Pine class we added a doctors office where the children can learn about doctors and pretend. There are many items there that you would find at a doctors office. The children seemed to enjoy the new center!

The mail center in the hallway was very popular this afternoon!There were new stickers and cards available for the children to create mail. If you look at the paper that was added above the mail desk you will see we also added a example as to how an envelope is made out. TO:__ FROM:__
 This is another way we are extending the children's knowledge of how the mail system works.

Teaching Strategies: Cognitive 11. Demonstrates positive approaches to learning.
Rebecca Jones

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