Monday, November 11, 2013

The Cold Outside Couldn't Bring Us Down Inside!

Today was a great day in the lab! The children were eager to be back after their long weekend. The weather was rainy and cold but that didn't stop us from having lots of fun!

The children in the Oak room were busy dancing to various songs. Their most requested songs were the chicken dance, the gummy bear song, and what does the fox say. Some children even grabbed microphones to sing along.

After lunch the children have the opportunity to play in the indoor movement room. Many decided today to sit in the rocking boat. Some children stayed in the boat while others pretended to be sharks swimming around the boat. Their squeals and giggles could be heard around the whole room!

This week a fire station was added to the Pine room. The children enjoyed exploring the fire truck, coats, hats, and hoses that were available for them. Many of the children talked about "saving the day". 

Overall it was a great day with lots of fun had by all!

-Ms. Chludil

Teaching Strategies Gold

The Arts
Objective #35 Explores dance and movement concepts

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