Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Exciting day!

Today we had an extra special guest visit our school!  Andrew Galgoci came in and with him he brought his Late Model Dirt Track race car!  The children were so excited to see a "real live race car" and explore the trailer it came in! The children were able to sit in the car and even sign their names on the door of the car! Andrew also signed postcards for each child and left them in their mail box!
In the pine room this morning the children continued to explore foods from different culture with sushi! Some of the children were working on using chopsticks to pick up the sushi! 

Today during morning outside time the children were able to use butterfly nets to capture different bugs around the playground area and put them into a magnifying box so they could examine them even closer! 

During PM centers we opened up the outside play structure because it was such a beautiful day out!  As usual the Walnut, Pine, and Hallway remained open and children were able to choose what they wanted to do and where they wanted to go.  
Some children went outside and drew on the sidewalk with different colored chalk.  
Other children took a break and enjoyed a nice tea party in the Hallway complete with chocolate birthday cake! 
Today was such a fun and exciting day with new experiences and things to explore! 

-Miss Petruska 
T.S. Cognitive 11 "Demonstrates positive approach to learning."

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