Tuesday, November 5, 2013

"Look! There's a racecar here!"

The title says it all! The children have been having quite an interest in racecars lately so we decided to bring one to school! During morning center time, the children had a chance to explore a racecar that was parked right outside of the CDLL! The children were able to sit in the racecar and even sign their names on it! They also had a chance to wear the helmets that are worn during a race and they got to explore the trailer the car arrived on.

In the walnut room today, a teacher and some of the kids went on a hunt for baby animals! They used books, magnifying glasses, and note pads.

It was another beautiful day so we opened up the outside during afternoon centers! The children enjoyed planting with Mrs. Nims and building sand castles with Ms. Wilson!

Jenna Asaro

Teaching Strategy: Cognitive #11 Demonstrates positive approaches to learning

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