Monday, November 18, 2013

A windy start to the week!

The children were eager to hear that there would be visitors this morning at the CDLL!

A group of music students from campus came to do some music and movement with the children. 

The Maple room sang songs and learned the difference between high notes and low notes.  The children were very excited to learn these songs and listened intently.

There were hula hoops available for the children to use in the indoor movement room today. Some rolled them on the floor, while others placed them on their stomachs and arms to spin around. 

The children were digging for worms this afternoon in a muddy spot on the playground. They found a couple and used magnifying glasses to get a closer look!

Overall, it was a busy day with lots of engagement from the children!

-Ms. Chludil


Science and Technology
Objective #28 Uses tools and other technology to perform tasks

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