Tuesday, November 19, 2013

A Day Full of Excitement on a Tuesday

Today all the students got to go on a field trip to Fabiano, Woldt, Emmons residence Hall. there they got to explore what a dorm room looks like. Got to speak to a an RHD and got to explore the front desk and learn what people do at the desk and what the desk does for the residences. A lot of the children were very excited about the mail room that the hall had because they have a mail box at their school

In the afternoon some of the children deiced that they wanted to write letters to their friends at school so they went into the hall and started to make mail.

The children's day was filled with so much excitement that they kept asking if they could go back again

Teaching Strategy: Social-Emotional- Children participate cooperatively and constructively in group situations

                                                                           Ms. Geyer

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