Thursday, March 16, 2017

Thursday In The Indoor Movement Room

Today, we had a special guest. A student’s grandpa came to speak to all the CDLL children about their Native American Culture. He shared a lot of ritual things with us. His name Saboo, has a meaning “blinded by the light”. He explained how longhair is acceptable for boys and girls. He informed us of long hair. It meant ones good spirit is growing with ones hair. He talked about the outfits worn and dancing stick used at events like the POW WOWs. He also explained to us the importance of wearing a type of clothing called a “breast plate”, he told us it was 65 years old and they mean PROTECTION when they wear them. They are made from beads now in the modern days, but in years past he said they were made from animal bones. He also showed us how their family hangs dead animals outside their home, such as a skunk’s tail to show the animals they honor them. At the end, he taught us all dance moves, and how to say hello and see you later in the Chippewa language.

Skunk Tail

Dancing Stick
Learning to Dance 

During center time, the children participated in “noodle fun.” They partook in activities such as javelin throwing and indoor noodle tennis. The children used their gross motor skills during play.

Teaching Strategies #35 Explores Dance and Movement Concepts
Teaching Strategies # 6 Demonstrates Gross Motor Skills
Abby VanDerStuyf   HDF 409

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