Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Worm Hunting!

Today was a wet and dreary-looking day; however, the children made the best of it while playing outside! Many of them were searching for worms. They would move stumps and rocks to look in the dirt/mud for worms, pick them up, and then put them in a designated wagon. They added dirt and sticks to the wagon so that the worms would have a "home-like" habitat while the children examined them. This scientific inquiry gave the children a number of opportunities to experience first-hand how other living things live in our environment!

Andre showing the teacher the tiny worm he found!

Children moving stumps and searching for worms!

"What will happen if you pull the worm out and it's not in the dirt anymore?" the teacher asked Stephen. Stephen replied, "Well, we have dirt in the wagon for them because worms need dirt to live in and eat."

Jace, looking for more worms!

- Kayla Welker, 4/11/2017

TS Gold: 25: Demonstrates knowledge of the characteristics of living things; 27: Demonstrates knowledge of the Earth's environment

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