Thursday, April 27, 2017

Special Thursday in the CDLL

Today was a special day in the CDLL. It was the last day of our school spirit week - with today being CMU/CDLL School Spirit Day, everyone was excited to participate! Many children chanting "Fire Up Chips!" throughout the day, showing their spirit. Not only was today part of spirit week, but the children also had a candle-lit lunch. LED-lit "candles" were placed in the center of each table, and candles were also placed around the room.  All of the lights in the room were shut off, so the children were able to experience a new setting for their usual lunch. To top it off, the children were able to enjoy the spring weather by going outside twice today, at their normal outside time and for pickup time at the end of the day.  Though it was a windy, windy day, that didn't stop the children's fun and games!

One of the tables during the candle-lit lunch.

Climbing the rock wall after lunch, still by candle-light (with the kitchen lights on also) - the children loved it!

Playing outside on this windy, spring day!

A train going down the slide!


- Kayla Welker, 409

TS: 10.a. - Engages in conversations; 4: Demonstrates traveling skills

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