Thursday, April 27, 2017

Fun with Bugs on Thursday

While the children were outside today they noticed that there were a lot of bugs out on the pavement and in the dirt. The children were asked if they knew of a place where they could place the bugs to look at them. They then talked about the bug habitat (pictured below). After the children placed some bugs in there they went on the hunt for more. They checked in the dirt, in the grass, on the pavement, and the most fruitful, found by Andre, Under some wet leave on the side of the building. After Andre found this area that had a lot of bugs the other children started to collect them. Overall the children collected over twenty bugs, mostly roly-polys and ants.

Tegan is looking at the bugs in the bug habitat.
She stated "I found a roly-poly!" 

Andre and Tavion are looking at the bugs, Andre stated to Tavion,
"I can help you grab one if you want to look at it."
Tavion replied "I can grab it."
Teaching Strategies Objective 25.  Demonstrates knowledge of the characteristics  of living things.
Objective 27. Demonstrates knowledge of Earth’s environment. 
April 27th 2017 William Sheahan-Stahl HDF 409

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