Wednesday, April 26, 2017

It was a busy Wednesday at the CDLL!

Today was Wacky Wednesday and the children were dressed to impress! But today's theme was not the only fun thing going on at school today. The camping in the Pine Room was still very popular, The children used it to "sleep", tell stories, and protect themselves from bears.

"It's time for bed now." -Sage  
The children enjoyed using the boat as a boat and a space shuttle. While in the boat many children enjoyed finishing. After fishing Coen, Zane, and Sage brought their fish over to the grill to cook so they could eat the fish they caught. Zoey H. then brought her fish over and said "I'm going to make a tuna fish sandwich."

 The children were able to enjoy the beautiful weather in various ways with their play. The sandbox was a hot spot for children. Many children were in the sandbox making structures and food or digging holes to then fill the holes in.

"I'm digging a hole for this bottle." -Victoria
While playing in the sandbox Katherine said "doggy it's your birthday go and play" to Lila Beau. 
The children brought their interest in books and songs outside. Asher was acting out the song Five Little Monkeys while Spencer sang the song.

Spencer singing Five Little Monkeys while Asher swung like the monkey

Outside is the perfect time for children to explore not only the environment but how they see the environment. A simple way to do this is to look at things in different ways. Aliana and Bella did this while on the swings on the playground.

"Miss Rennie why are you upside down. You look funny." - Aliana

 The children were able to see and enjoy spring and the changes in nature when the seasons change. 

"Look there's a butterfly!" - Sarah A.

"We are taking a break and relaxing, it's hot out." - Carter
In the afternoon in the Pine Room, Mr. Jonaitis and many children were putting on a show. Mr. Jonaitis would stand on the stage and call up different students who wanted to participate to sing or tell jokes. Other students who did not want to go on the stage sat and watched the show.

The children waiting to hear who was going next

Teaching Strategies Gold:
Objective 3: Participates cooperatively and constructively in group situations

Lindsey Rennie, HDF 409

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