Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Let's Play Some Games!

Today during small group, Mrs. Weller's small group, the Freeze Drop Group, taught Miss Goodman's group, the Emotion Wagon Group, two games that they have changed this semester. The children all sat in a group while Mrs. Weller named off a few of the games the Freeze Drop Group had changed this semester so all of the children could vote. Red Rover won the vote so the Freeze Drop Group told the Emotion Wagon Group how they have changed the game. Carter explained that when your name is called you can move to the other side anyway you want, Audrey added "you can crab walk!" Mrs. Weller added that two people could get called at one time and Asher said, "that was my idea!" 

The children sitting together when discussing the games

The children and teachers getting ready to play Red Rover

The children and teachers getting ready to play Red Rover

Lilly F. moving to the other side after being called

After playing Red Rover the children got to play Duck, Duck, Goose where two children would be the duckers at one time. When Livy was the ducker she said, "who should I duck?"

The children playing duck duck goose

Teaching Strategies Gold: Objective 11 Demonstrates Positive Approaches to Learning

Lindsey Rennie, HDF 409

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