Tuesday, April 11, 2017

The Imaginary Gumball Machine

Today at the CDLL in the Pine room the children were using many different toys together to create something new. The children first started by grabbing the money, bills and coins. They next moved to the dollhouse and grabbed the small animal toys of differing colors and started to put them through the window of the dollhouse. When they were asked what they were making they stated that it was a gum ball machine. They also stated that the machine needed quarters and dollars to get the gumballs out. The children were talking with each other and manipulating the toys together. The children took three different types of toys and created a whole new one with them.
Sage is placing dollar bills into the dollhouse to pay for the
gumballs, he then stated "That's enough money."  

Coen is pushing the animal toys through the window, making
the "gumballs come out of the machine".

Taevion is trying to collect some of the gumballs in the bowls
while Coen pushes them through the window. 
Teaching Strategies Objective 14.  Uses symbols and images to represent something not present.
William Sheahan-Stahl HDF 409

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