Monday, April 6, 2015

The Photo Scavenger Hunt

A small group of children took on a photo scavenger hunt today on the playground. The children were given 10 items to seek and capture in order to finish the scavenger hunt. They enjoyed the idea of finding things on their own and helping other children finish the scavenger hunt as well. The children were able to take the photos and review the pictures so that they could prove which pictures they took. After completing the task the children were able to take pictures of anything they found interesting. Some students decided to seek out structures while others took pictures of other children and teachers. 

Displaying 20150406_125531.jpg
"I found something RED." -Andrew

Displaying 20150406_125529.jpg
Sharing photos. Reviewing photos. 

Displaying 20150406_125936.jpg
"Take a picture of this Big Rock." -Juli and Leah

Teaching Strategies: #28.Uses tools and other technology to perform tasks. 

Ms. Ratliff

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