Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Sandy Toes!

Today many children used the sand area outside. They used shovels to dig holes and bury their legs and feet.  The children commented on how the sand felt on their bare feet.  Some children pretended to make food with the different tins and bowls. A few worms were found during their explorations!

"It tickles my toes!"
Tony- "We're digging a tunnel." 
Aidan- "I need a shovel." 

They covered their feet with sand in the hole they made.

Ethan spent some time filling up a truck with sand. 

Makayla- "I'm making a cake with candles!"

Destiny found a worm while digging. 

Destiny and Brooke built the worm a home in the dirt. 

Teaching Strategies Gold 
#27 - Demonstrates knowledge of the Earth's environment 

Have a great break! 
Miss Dawson

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